Mobile Consulting Offers Fast Growing Income Potential

<P>Mobile consulting is a fast growing and fast changing field. Its a segment of sales that works with clients to choose mobile devices that fit their needs. This may mean selecting a device or developing an app with a specific application. The point is mobile consulting offers fast growing income but you need to be educated.</P> <P><STRONG>What&#39;s A Mobile Consultant?</STRONG></P> <P>What type of background does mobile consultant need? It has two aspects. For hardware, mobile consulting skills include a strong working knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of wireless devices. Then, be able to show clients a solution that will meet their needs. Some companies like Best Buy and Staples have on-site services install systems and provide staff training.</P> <P>Training for this type of consulting is hands-on. A sales background is a plus. A college degree may be necessary if you pursue a corporate career. And, most companies provide basic training or orientation to new staff to familiarize them with their products. </P> <P>For apps consulting, mobile consulting skills include familiarity with object-oriented and HTML programming and with mobile platforms like Android or iPhone. Here, the specialist may develop apps or manage the app development process. The field is constantly evolving. So, having a range of experience and skills will make you effective. A final asset for potential clients is a strong knowledge of social media, blogging and website applications. </P> <P><STRONG>Consulting Trends In the Mobile Industry</STRONG></P> <P>Customers choose mobile devices for their convenience, portability, and easy access to entertainment. And, clients want to reach their customers on their technology. For example, a consulting company developed an app for a rural medical group and their patients. The app reminded patients of appointments and when to take prescriptions or get refills. The app made it easier to reach their doctors and reduced trips to the clinic.</P> <P>The apps field really has no limits. Software can be tailored to a specific need. In the example above, the ability to stream live video was very important and included in the apps development. Again, clients want to engage their customers and streamline procedures and processes. Tablets are trending to have an increasingly important role in mobile computing and may become as popular as their smartphone counterparts.</P> <P><STRONG>Marketing a Consulting Practice</STRONG></P> <P>Marketing mobile consulting services is similar to marketing any consulting service. Consultants need an online presence. Along with websites, social media and blogs will comprise an overall strategy for marketing mobile consulting services.</P> <P>Currently, there are no trade groups for mobile consulting. Professionals, most mobile consulting services market directly to potential clients. For mobile services reviewed online, each had websites and a social media presence. Professionals serviced clients through agencies or directly as independent contractors.</P> <P>Now, even though there are no organization-specific groups for mobile consulting, the Professional and Technical Consultants Association and the Independent Computer Consultants Association bear a closer look. Each offers general news and information applicable to any consultant. Both offer consulting training options through professional development workshops</P> <P>A review of consulting associations shows they serve as good app consulting resources. And, all have a message and job boards for advertising. This allows many professionals to network with peers. For good consulting training options, trade groups make agood choice. Keep in mind youll need to have business and marketing plans. Both plans serve as road maps for making marketing and management decisions. Again, they are a good option among app consulting resources.</P> <P>To be successful with mobile consulting, youll need to be familiar with current mobile device offerings and be familiar with mobile app platforms. Market your business through joining consulting associations, networking and having an internet presence. The field is growing and constantly changing. You can be a successful consultant by remaining knowledgeable and by keeping abreast of  trends and by keeping your skills sharp.</P>

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