Oncology: Cancer, Collaboration and Cure?

<P>Oncology is the branch of medicine that has to do with all aspects of cancer.  Unfortunately, there are few of us today that are unfamiliar with that term; since most of us either are related to or know someone who has been involved in cancer treatment.  While this is one term, there are several types of cancer and so an oncologist, a doctor who treats patients with cancer, can be specialized in one type, such as breast cancer or lymphoma.   Diagnosing and treating cancer may also begin in the research that is done.  Oncology research is conducted to find new ways to understand and to combat cancer.  Some is dedicated to drug therapies and other types might be on the causes or the type of cancer cells.  If the cancer can be understood on a basic level, then treatments and preventions might be better targeted.</P> <P> <HR> <P></P> <P><STRONG>RECOMMENDED PROFESSIONALS:</STRONG></P> <P>(Get your business listed here and generate leads 24/7- email <A href="mailto:info@smartguy.com">info@smartguy.com</A>)</P> <P>Consumers... click <A href="http://www.findaprofessional.com/"><STRONG>HERE</STRONG></A> to find a local professional through our friends at FindaProfessional.com</P> <P> <HR> <P></P> <P>When someone is diagnosed with cancer, there are many things to consider and to learn.  The oncologist is a resource and so are the nurses that are present in many tests or treatments.  Oncology nursing is as important as the oncology research because it is a team effort that involves many specialists and especially the patient.  Oncology nursing can require special skills because providing the support to the patients in sometimes traumatic moments is a delicate balance between the medicine and the human support needed to help.  The expertise of the nursing staff, the doctors and technicians is critical to the success of treatments and the ultimate cure, hopefully, of the patients.</P> <P>Oncology is a branch of medicine, while it is a specialty, is also a vast area of medicine.  An Oncology Society is a place where physicians who treat cancer can gain more information about international initiatives and policies, share information and potential break-throughs and get additional education.  Some societies provide grant opportunities and are also designed for different specialties, like oncology surgeons and nurses.  An oncology society helps to keep physicians abreast of the most current information to help them to deliver the best care for their patients. Journals and papers that share experimental or new techniques are also often available though the societies and membership can ensure that the physician herself is in good standing in her practice.</P> <P>Sometimes the doctor who provides the initial diagnosis is the one who will treat the patient, but most people will find another physician to give a second opinion before treatment begins.  In the event that the patient needs a specialist that is different from the diagnosing physician, a doctor can be suggested.  Most times collaboration with other doctors happens simply because the more minds attending to a problem or illness the better for the patientmore expertise is always better. During treatment, there may be several doctors, nurses and technicians to meet.</P> <P>Oncology is a branch of medicine that is familiar to nearly everyone, but is also nearly as vast as the amount of people who recognize the term.  While most medicine brings a bit of emotion to the diagnosis and treatment, cancer is one that brings anxiety and fear because of how dire the diagnosis of cancer has been in the past.  Many people are surviving and even beating the disease now and treatments are becoming more effective as science targets cancer cells more specifically, but its still hard news to hear.  Anyone who knows someone who has had cancer brings those images with them when hearing their own news, even if it is not the same cancer.  Finding a doctor that can understand and comfort as well as treat can be important to the success that a patient can have.</P>

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