Iphone Repairs - How to Fix Broken Screens

<P>If you are like many people out there, you know how expensive and useful an iphone is. If it breaks down, you can have it repaired instead of buying another one. Carrying out iphone repairs can be an expensive undertaking in itself even if you take it to an Apple store nearby, which means you will have to do the repairs yourself.</P> <P>Many iphone owners are devastated when the screen of the iphone is broken. You need not despair if this happens to you because it can be repaired. If the phone is still usable, chances are high that you can have it restored to its original state before the breakage. You might be able to receive calls but you will not be able to read the text on the screen.</P> <P>You will be faced with many options to fix your broken screen. You can take it to Apple, third party vendors, or you can repair it yourself using a do-it-yourself kit. Most people would prefer to take it back to Apple for the repair, as you would be guaranteed a near-perfect fix. However, it is also the most expensive option. It will cost you about $199 to have the broken screen fixed by Apple.</P> <P>You are left to ponder about taking your expensive iphone to a third party vendor who might damage the gadget further and might fail to repair it properly. You would have to part with up to $150 if the vendor succeeds to make it.</P> <P>Alternatively, you can decide to purchase a DIY kit from one of the many dealers. These can cost as low as $11. Unfortunately, some of the kits lack some parts necessary for fixing the broken screen of your iphone. You may have to part with a lot more to get the complete kit with all the components but that is not guaranteed. To be on the safe side, ensure you check that all the necessary parts are in the kit before you decide to buy it. According to one iphone owner who needed to fix his broken screen a $12 DIY kit worked just fine and it had all the parts that he needed. The expensive kits were simply a rip off and so are the third party vendors.</P> <P>When you are trying to carry out iphone repairs of your broken screen with a DIY kit, you must select the right one. You should find out if your screen is a 3G or 3Gs. It sounds petty but the wrong screen could be incompatible with your device even though they could be of the same physical size.</P> <P>Fixing a broken iphone screen is not as difficult as some people have made it sound. You do not have to be an engineer to do it properly. However, be prepared to spend more than an hour or two to fix it because of its minute parts. Some of them are unfamiliar and you would have to do a few errors before you get the hang of it. Fortunately, you will not have to do any soldering.</P> <P>The layers found in the screen consist of the front glass panel, a digitizer and an LCD screen. Most people with broken screens can still use them if the LCD remains intact. Fixing the screen becomes more complicated if the LCD is broken too. Then you will have to contact Apple or just buy a new iphone.</P> <P>If you are still having problems with your device even after doing the iphone repairs, it could be an indication that the problem lies much deeper than the screen. You will have no choice but to take it back to Apple.</P>

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