What Are Some Good Ways To Fall Asleep Fast

People are always wondering, what are some good ways to fall asleep fast?   Lucky you, you never worried about sleep before.  You're asleep when your head hits the pillow, you can sleep standing up, you can even fall asleep on the bus.  And then suddenly you can't.  You have no explanation for it, no clue as to why; you just can't fall asleep easily anymore.  And like everyone else, you're seeking that cure for insomnia and wondering where all that peaceful slumber went to.

Falling asleep is a process, however, and since falling asleep is a process, there are obviously steps to it.  That slumber you lost didn't go away, it's still there.  You just need to- if you'll forgive the paradox- reawaken the ability to sleep again (which does tend to decrease as you get older). 

People who never worried about sleep before suddenly tend to become anxious, nervous, perhaps even paranoid at the loss of it.  But there are many reasons why sleep decreases, and a number of them are psychological.

You may have trouble sleeping because you're worried about debts, problems at work or issues of health, all instead of concentrating on getting a little shut-eye.   And for most people, pills are not the answer; they may be a temporary stop on the way when you're seeking that cure for insomnia, but they're liable to carry long-term addictive risks to them.

Here are some alternative methods to pills and worry, in order to fall asleep. 

One method is to stop trying to sleep.  A number of insomniacs have reported that when they stop concentrating on sleeping, they can sleep much more easily.  It does involve a bit of bait-and-switch mentally, but it's easily done- all you have to do is get up and resolve that you're not going to get any sleep that night.

It's really that simple- the resolution itself takes the problem away.  Then as you settle onto your computer or reading or sewing projects, you'll find yourself unable to concentrate because you need to get to bed.  And the journey to bed isn't fraught with worries or anxiety- it simply happens.

Speaking of reading, that's often a great method people use to get some shut-eye, particularly if the book is peaceful in content, or long in nature, or just plain boring.   And the trick is to stop reading as soon as the drowsiness hits (and it will); at the first yawn, put the book down and tumble into bed.

You should always avoid certain kinds of food and drink when heading for bed- particularly too much coffee, too much alcohol (a single drink of wine is effective, a bottle is not, and gives you a more serious problem than insomnia) and too many caffeine-based sodas, which are harmful both for sleeping habits and for health.   Besides, too much booze can give you a dandy case of night sweats, and that'll wake you up faster than anything.   

You should also avoid chocolate, which has a natural energizing agent in all that sugar, and will keep you up about 10 minutes for every creamy sweet ounce. 

A few other insomnia cures include a warm bath, a vigorous set of exercise done earlier in the day (not at night, as it simply energizes you too much, like the candy you're burning off) and avoiding time in front of the TV or PC, both of whose bright lights will keep you up way past your falling-asleep point. 

And finally, if nothing else (not even counting sheep) seems to work, have sex.   That particular activity has a defined soporific effect on the body, and as an activity it induces sleep as recovery. Those are some answers to the question, what are some good ways to fall asleep fast?

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