Legal Marijuana in Colorado

Marijuana is commonly referred as bhang, pot, and weed but medically it is known as cannabis sativa. Marijuana is a drug that has many health benefits when used in the right manner. The first thing that you should know is that the right amount of pot should be smoked or taken together with food. Another factor that should be taken into consideration is ensuring that it is not used on an empty stomach. When the right factors have been considered you will have no reason to worry about. Pot is used correctly used when it has been be recommended by medics. This means you will have medical support to use the drug. Ayurvedic treatments are some of the medical uses of the drug.

The drug can be used as an intoxicant, and this means that the pot can be used to release anxiety and stress. It can also be used to induce sleep. Various ailments like pain, nausea and vomiting are also treated by the drug. Legal marijuana in Colorado can also be used for weight loss, and to induce spasticity neurologically. It can be used before meals to improve digestion and to enhance the taste of food. Fever can also be treated by cannabis sativa. In a strange twist, bhang is used to perfect a speech.

Legal marijuana in Colorado can be used for recreational purposes too. Be that as it may, the right amount of the drug must be smoked or taken together with food. The legalization of the right amount of cannabis sativa for recreation was brought about by Amendment 64. Nevertheless, this did not come without some conditions being pegged on the amendment.

Firstly, adults with 21 years and above are the only ones who are allowed to be in possession of pot. At the same time, you can only posses a single ounce of marijuana. You will be penalized for having more that an ounce of marijuana unless you are a medical weed patient. These patients are allowed two ounces only but still, more can be allowed if they have a supporting medical report. You are also allowed to privately grow not more than six plants of weed. In addition, only three of the six plants should be flowering and mature. Although the harvest might exceed an ounce, you should only posses one ounce. The harvest of the plant should be stored at the premises that it was produced at.

Marijuana is only sold at the dispensary if it is for medical use. The law prohibits over-the-counter sale of pot at the dispensary to those people who want to use it for recreational purposes. Recreational marijuana should be domestically grown. Receiving marijuana as a gift from a person can be used as another source but has a limit of one ounce too. The good news is that there is no residency requirement of the use of the drug and this means that tourist can enjoy it as well. However, tourists will be arrested and charged if found to be transporting  marijuana. They will be faced with a felony and prosecuted because the drug is still illegal when it comes to the federal level.

Legal as it may be, marijuana should not be used in a public arena. This will include your place of work. This is because you will be endangering the health of other people. The law is also strict that a landlord can deter you from using marijuana at his premise. Additionally, in case a police stops you and realizes that are in possession of legal marijuana in Colorado, you shall be arrested or penalized. This is regardless of whether you have the right amount of marijuana or not. Recreational users should take a view of the rules that come with the promulgation of Amendment 64.

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