Finding A Good Pediatrician Is No Childs Play

It is said that a good pediatrician must be a good mind reader. The pediatrician should be able to pick the affliction of the child from the body language and other general expressions.

To select a good pediatrician for your kid, you should also be a good mind reader. Good pediatricians always get good word of mouth publicity. So, a smart way to start the search is by asking your friends or neighbors about the pediatricians in the locality. If you have internet access, you can go to to search for pediatricians in your neighborhood. This service provides details on their hours of operation, years in business, licenses, etc.  You can even read reviews from neighbors who have used them.

The next thing that you have to check is the location of the doctor. If the doctor is nearby, you would have to travel less and spend lesser time during a visit to the doctor. But distance must not be the sole criterion. You should get more details about the doctor, such as qualification, experience, and the patients that he sees.

The crowd is a good indicator. If it is too much or too little, it is better to avoid that doctor. However good the doctor may be, he or she cannot pay the necessary amount of attention to each of the cases. At the same time, if there is no one who visits a doctor, it is better to stay away from that doctor too. There must be some problem with him.

But the most important thing is how you get along with the doctor. On the first visit, ask the doctor many questions, even those questions that are unrelated to the disease that the child has at that time. The response of the doctor is important here. If the doctor answers patiently and comprehensively, it is a good sign: a green light to proceed. If the doctor shows impatience or makes fun of you for asking silly questions, it is a kind of red light.

You have to check whether the doctor will be available most of the time for consulting. Make a phone call in the evening even if it is not necessary. If the doctor answers the call patiently, then you have found the right doctor. Otherwise, your search continues.

Ideally, the fees of the doctor should not be a factor. If you find an experienced and qualified doctor near your place that does not attract an irritatingly large crowd, then opt for him, whatever be the charge. After all, it is for the good health of your child.

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