How Can I Get a Baby Fast - Tips for Getting Pregnant Quickly

There are some couples that get pregnant effortlessly while others have to try a little harder before getting a baby. Once you have made the decision to have a baby with your partner, there are quite a number of things you have to consider. There are many tips for getting pregnant quickly that you can try out to help a long with the process. This is because different couples have different characteristics and there is no one single answer on how to get pregnant quickly.

Ovulation is the biggest matter of consideration when it comes to getting pregnant. This is because a woman can only get pregnant if ovulation has taken place. Ovulation simply refers to the release of ovum or the woman egg from the ovaries into the fallopian tubes upon which fertilization by sperm can take place and the embryo to be implanted into the walls of the uterus.

In order to time ovulation properly, one must know their cycle well and also know when they ovulate. Ovulation usually occurs smack in the middle of your cycle which begins on the first day that you get your period to the next time it starts off again. It is advisable to give yourself a period of about five days of fertility in the middle of your period when ovulation is expected to occur. Signs of ovulation also include, but not always specific to all women, a thick clear discharge from the vagina and increased bodily temperatures as well as libido.

It is important to have intercourse right before ovulation rather than after as it increases the chances for a successful fertilization of the ovum. This is because the sperm can survive for about five to six days in the body while the egg can survive for only a day. If you have irregular cycles, you may need to see a doctor to determine the ovulation period.

Choosing the right position
Research has shown that lying horizontally after artificial insemination increases the chances of successful fertilization. There is no assurance that the same applies for intercourse, however, there is really no need to be in a hurry so it doesn't hurt to try.

Relax and enjoy the process
For women looking to get pregnant quickly, you may develop a lot of anxiety and worry over the issue. You can be your own worst enemy since being in such condition reduces your chances of getting pregnant as well. The hormones that regulate ovulation are better released and functional when you are calm and relaxed. Therefore if you are looking to get a baby fast, you need to be stress free and enjoy the process of trying as many times as you can.

Preparing your body

The chances of having a successful fertilization and even keeping the pregnancy greatly depend on the heath state of your body. This is why it is important to be in good shape and good health preconception. Exercise, eat healthy and eliminate any drugs or stimulants from your daily routine. Avoid smoking, a lot of alcohol intake and supplement on vitamins and folic acid. Getting in shape also applies to your partner. Healthy and viable sperm can only come from a healthy body. Therefore they also need to exercise and eat healthy on order to be able to fertilize the egg with healthy sperm

If you have any problems getting pregnant for more than three months with these tips for getting pregnant quickly, you should then consider seeing a fertility specialist. This is because most couple gets pregnant between three weeks to three months of trying.

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