Types Of Doctors And How Much They Make

Because the medical profession has become so specialized and technologically advanced, there are a many different types of doctors.  Doctors generally diagnose illnesses and prescribe treatments.  But some doctors specialize in different fields, giving them a much greater understanding of the particular disease or body system that they treat every day.  Specialists generally make twice as much money as general practitioners.

It is interesting to discover the different types of doctors and what they do.  Physicians examine and interview patients, interpret tests, diagnose illnesses, and prescribe courses of treatment.  They often counsel their patients in regards to hygiene, preventive medicine, and diet. 

Other doctors are referred to as specialists.  They stay in school longer to focus their studies on a specific field of medicine.  Anesthesiologists, for example, specialize in pain control and relief.  Surgeons treat injuries and diseases in the operating room.  Obstetricians specialize in treating pregnant women, and pediatricians specialize in treating babies and young children. 

Because there are many types of doctors salaries for doctors can be very different.  The median wage for general practitioners is about $190,000.  Specialists can make on average about $350,000 a year depending on their specialty.

Salaries vary according to the types of doctors and what they do.  The mean wage for anesthesiologists is $220,000 a year.  The mean annual pay for psychiatrists is $170,000.  This is due to several factors, not the least of which is the amount of schooling and the expense of student loans to get the degrees for these specialties.  The cost of malpractice insurance can also drive up the wage rate as doctors seek to make a comfortable living while being able to pay their professional expenses. 

Types of doctors salaries also vary geographically.  Psychiatrists in Pennsylvania average about $140,000 while their counterparts in California make $180,000.  In Florida, general practitioners average $165,000, while their counterparts in Texas make $186,000 a year. 

The process of becoming a doctor is long and expensive.  The education required consists of 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and from 3 to 8 years of training in a hospital depending on the specialty.  Entrance to medical school is extremely competitive, and only the best students get accepted into the top notch institutions.  Job prospects for doctors are good, and the Department of Labor states that growth in this field will be greater than the national average job growth. 

Specialization has resulted in much more effective treatment of injuries and diseases.  Cancer doctors and researchers continue to make great strides in fighting the many diseases under the label of cancer.  Research and treatment of paralysis in the last several years has been nothing less than miraculous, with patients who would have been paralyzed for life just a couple of years ago are now beginning to walk again.  Thanks to specialization, our life span is continuing to increase and we are more effective at treating diseases that used to be considered a death sentence.  And as a result of specialization, there are many more different types of doctors than we have ever had before in civilization.

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