DNA Testing Cost and Services - Where to Go

DNA testing is used mostly to determine the paternity of a child or in criminal cases to determine the person responsible.  In paternity testing the person doing the test will have to collect a tissue or fluid sample from both the child and the person who is suspected of being the father.  DNA is basically a genetic fingerprint that is unique to each person.  It is present in every single cell of our bodies.  Because each child carries the genetic code of both father and mother, examining DNA is the best way to determine if the child is really his.

Obtaining a sample of body cells for DNA testing is not very complicated.  DNA can be found in the living cells of a person's body and cells are most commonly taken from the inner cheek, buccal cells, or a blood sample is drawn.  The easiest way to get cells for DNA testing is by collecting a sample from the cheek.  This is done by taking a cotton swab and simply rubbing it gently against the cheek.  This swab is then taken into the lab to run DNA sequences, which are examined.  The DNA of the child must match that of the father to confirm paternity.

If you need to have a DNA test done then finding out the DNA testing cost and services is where you need to begin.  DNA testing is actually the most accurate method of testing paternity that there is.  With an accuracy rate of 99.9% this is one test that no man can deny.  It is also possible to find out the paternity of a child while it is still in its mother's belly.  A test known as the chorionic villus sampling can be done as early as 10 - 12 weeks.  If the pregnancy is more developed, you can run an amniocentesis at 15 -22 weeks. 

One of the queries you will probably have when enquiring about DNA testing cost and services is how long it will take to get your results.  The wait is usually the nerve wracking part of this whole process.  If the test was done by swabbing the inside of your cheek or your child's cheek, it will take about 5 - 10 days once the lab gets them.  If the test was done when the baby was still in the womb then it could actually take up to 4 weeks to get the results back.

It is possible to buy your DNA testing kit from a lab and do the test at home yourself.  These are often sold over the Internet for about $ 100 and come with everything you will need.  These are usually only for the cheek swab test and will come with all the necessary instructions on how to properly swab your cheek.  Once you have swabbed all you have to do is send the sample back to the lab for analysis and wait to hear from them.  It is important to know that this mail DNA test is just as accurate as any other.

To find out more about DNA testing cost and services you will need to contact the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).  They will offer you an accredited list of labs that carry out the service.  The accreditation means that they have met a specified criteria and standard when it comes to their level of service and the accuracy of testing.  If you need the tests for a court case you will need to use one of these accredited labs for the sake of credibility and not a home test.  It will cost you about $500.

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