Do I Need a Doctors Prescription for Marijuana in Colorado

In the state of Colorado, it is legal to use marijuana for medical reasons. However, you will need to follow a detailed process in order to get this prescription that allows legal use of marijuana for medical purposes. Even before you get into this process of applying for a doctor’s prescription  to use marijuana in Colorado, you need to ask yourself a very important question. Do I need a doctor’s prescription for marijuana in Colorado?

Well, there are many reasons why individuals seek the doctor’s prescription to be allowed to use medical marijuana. To start with, many people who require medical marijuana have been diagnosed with illnesses like cancer, stomach issues, seizures and glaucoma. However, how does marijuana help individuals to deal with the side effects of various diseases?

Well, marijuana contains various chemicals which are released when you utilize the drug. Of all the chemicals in marijuana, the most important one is referred to as THC. This chemical helps cancer patients to get rid of the side effects of chemotherapy like nausea and lack of appetite. The chemical is released when smoking, eating or drinking marijuana.

Medical marijuana cannot be sold at the pharmacy. This is because it is not prescribed by a doctor. The only thing that your doctor can do is to recommend the drug. The Colorado department of public health and environment will then give you the mandate to use the drug for medical purposes after you log in a successful application. However, you must qualify to apply for the medical marijuana registry identification card.

In order to apply for this card, you must be a patient with a devastating medical condition like HIV, cancer or glaucoma. You must have been diagnosed with one these conditions by a qualified physician. There are other chronic illnesses which can also be considered as very critical and reason enough to acquire medical marijuana. They include seizures, chronic pain, regular spasms, chronic nausea and cachexia.

Bear in mind that persons under the age of 18 can also get a doctor’s prescription for marijuana in Colorado. In the case of minors, their parent or guardian must declare that they will be the minor's primary caregiver during the period when in use of medical marijuana. The parents should also show that the medication has been recommended by the doctor and that the physician explained all the risks associated to using marijuana. Both will be in form of a written document.

 If you really want to apply for medical marijuana you ought to make sure you understand two things, the laws and the risks of using medical marijuana for medical purposes. It is important to understand the risks involved since marijuana is an addictive drug. Some patients have fallen into addiction after having used the drug initially to help them get through side effects of certain diseases.

On the other hand, understanding the laws helps you to prevent future problems which may be brought about due to ignorance. For instance, you must understand the amount of marijuana you are required to posses and the ideal places you can use this drug. You are not allowed to use marijuana in public areas or any other place where it could be a danger to someone else's life.

You can obtain medical marijuana in specific marijuana dispensaries in Colorado. However, bear in mind that the sale of marijuana in this state is illegal. You should know the laws that pertain to the use of legal marijuana in Colorado. Understand the risks available and then you can answer affirmatively to the question; do I need a doctor’s prescription for marijuana in Colorado?

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