Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Of The South Rim

A Grand Canyon helicopter tour is the best and most spectacular way to visit and behold this Wonder of the Natural World.  The Grand Canyon offers perhaps the most breathtaking scenery in the United States.  Designated as part of the United States National Park Service in 1919, this 277 mile gorge across the Colorado Plateau is the one of the most popular natural tourist destinations in the world.

Helicopter tours to the south rim of the canyon usually depart from the small town of Tusayan, Arizona.  With a population of only 600 people, this small town located near the south rim exists primarily to cater to Grand Canyon tourists. 

South rim helicopter tours depart from the Grand Canyon National Airport in Tusayan.  The tours last a total of 25 minutes, and offer an unforgettable view of natures majesty.  Walking the trails of the Grand Canyon can be exhausting, as the terrain is very rugged.  Being immersed in the scenery no doubt has its allure, but you can see so much more from the sky.  You wont be too high to see the details, however, as the helicopters are allowed to descend as low as 1500 feet from the rim.  Descending any lower is prohibited due to a tragic crash in the 1990s.  

Las Vegas vacations should also include a day of Grand Canyon sightseeing.  Helicopter tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon take you to the northern rim, where the sites are just as spectacular.  As is standard for Las Vegas, these tours will start with a limousine ride from your hotel to the airport.  Once aloft in a state of the art aircraft, you will be treated to the sites of the Las Vegas Strip before heading south toward the Grand Canyons north rim. 

The sights are truly a wonder to behold.  Tours from Las Vegas to the north rim include unforgettable views of the Hoover Dam, the Colorado River, Lake Mead, the Grand Wash Cliffs, and as well as some extinct volcanoes.  North rim trips include a 4000 foot decent to the canyon floor for a picnic and a view of the Colorado River.  Las Vegas tours also include a trip to a glass skywalk that extends 4000 feet above the base of the canyon.  The bridge is made of real glass, so it is prohibited to bring cameras or cell phones with you.  However, there is always a professional photographer available to commemorate this part of your trip.

Because of the nature of helicopter travel, there is a weight limit.  You will be asked to state your weight when making your reservation and this will be confirmed before departure.  These weight limits are for aircraft safety reasons.  Note that people who weigh over 275 pounds will be asked to purchase a second ticket. 

When planning your tours to the Grand Canyon, dont forget to bring plenty of film or batteries for your camera.  The sites are amazing and plentiful.  You will not want to be caught short.  Dont forget that the desert sun can be punishing, so bring a hat and sunglasses for protection.  During the trip, you will be offered a headset so that you can listen to a prerecorded tour guide as well as observations from the pilot. 

If you have not yet visited the Grand Canyon, you should consider it now.  You can either book a short stay in Arizona, or you can make it a part of a longer Las Vegas get away.  Either way, a Grand Canyon helicopter tour will treat you to scenery more spectacular than you have ever imagined. 

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