Useful Tips for International Travel with Your Pets

Getting an airline ticket for yourself is quite an easy job, but if you plan to take your pet along, then be ready to face some complicated situations. Each country has its own set of rules and regulations meant for international pet travel.

While most of the guidelines would be regarding the health of the pet, there are other considerations too that have to be kept in mind. Rabies-free countries are the strictest when it comes to allowing a pet into their domain.

So it would be better to contact the US Department of Agriculture and Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service for the current set of rules regarding the country that you intend to travel to. Do the paper work in advance, as arriving without meeting the necessary guidelines would pose many problems.

Here are some rules that the mentioned vacation destinations follow. Remember to contact the USDA and the Ministry of Agriculture of the country that you are visiting.

  • Australia is the strictest when it comes to international pet travel. This country even prohibits some specific breeds from entering into the country. You would require an import permit for your pet and get a microchip implanted at the time of the rabies vaccination.
  • United Kingdom allows only those cats and dogs into their domain who meet all the requirements of the UK Pet Travel Scheme. A health certificate and several blood tests are also a requisite.
  • Japan allows those pets that have been residing in the same country for the past 6 months or more. A proof of rabies vaccination and a health certificate are the other requisites.
  • Mexico requires a health certificate and several other vaccination proofs.
  • Brazil requires a health certificate that is legalized by the Brazilian consulate. A rabies vaccination proof is another demand.
  • China requires a valid health certificate and proof of rabies and distemper vaccination. Also for the past three years, the dog must have been free of parvovirus, hepatitis and corona.
  • France requires international pets to be identifiable through a microchip or a tattoo. Maximum five animals are allowed at a time and they should be at least 3 months old.
  • Germany does not allow certain breeds from entering its domain. So make sure that the pet you intend to take is not one of those breeds.
  • Hawaii, though not a foreign country, also has certain restrictions that must be met regarding pets.

Besides the above, many countries also require the pets to undergo quarantine for a certain amount of time. Be very sure to ask for all the details from the Ministry of Agriculture of the state that you are visiting, or you just might get stuck with your pet at the airport and wouldn’t know what to do next.

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