Americans in South America A Growing Trend

The native people constitute a significant portion of Americans in South America. The native people form a large portion of the Andean population especially in areas like Bolivia and Paraguay. Some areas of  South America constitute some European population such as in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. You will also come across some populations of African descent in areas such as French Guiana and Colombia. Through immigration, people of different descent have found their way into South America. However, the majority of the populations are Americans who are native to the region. The population density is highest in the cities. The population density decreases as you move out of the city centers.

Various trends can be associated with Americans in South America. For instance, the most commonly practiced religion in this region is Roman Catholicism; around 97% of the South American Population are Roman Catholics. Be that as it may, you will still come across some Protestants especially in areas such as French Guiana. Besides Christianity, other religions are also practiced in South America. These religions are Hinduism and Islam. These two religions are commonly practiced in areas such as Guyana and Suriname. It is not uncommon to come across people who practice animism and shamanism.

The main languages among the Americans in South America include Portuguese and Spanish. The majority of the South American people speak the Portuguese language. A sizable population in this continent speaks Spanish as their main language. As more people continue migrating into South America, new languages are likely to come up. Other languages besides Portuguese and Spanish are spoken in South America. For instance, French is the main language in French Guyana. In Suriname, the main languages spoken include Dutch, Indonesian, and Hindi. In other places such as Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina, Italian and German languages are spoken.

What are the main cuisines among the Americans in South America? There are some unique Latin American cuisines common among the South Americans. Some of the items that are typical in the South American cuisine include maize-based dishes. The maize-based dishes include tortillas, tamales, and pupusas. Other condiments that are unique to Latin America include pico de gallo and mole. There are also some beverages that are unique to Latin America and they include horchata and atole.

Population control is being encouraged among the Americans in South America. There has been a great transformation and the many people in the region are adopting urban lifestyles. Therefore, the traditional social structures that highly contributed to population growth are being broken down. With fewer children, access to education and other resources is enhanced. It is only after going through the formal education system that the Americans are able to venture into the formal labor market. Therefore, the crucial role played by education in the lives of the South Americans is evident.

The Americans in South America are very distinct. The only unifying factor among citizens in different Latin American countries is the language. Taking the Latin music for instance, the predominant languages used are Spanish and Portuguese. The Latin American communities are known for their music, which ranges from simple rural music-conjunto to sophisticated music such as the habanera of Cuba. As the population evolves, contemporary music genres are coming up every day. Also popular is the Latin Americans art, which was greatly inspired by the constructivist movement. Excellent muralista works can be found in areas such as Mexico, Columbia, and also New Mexico. The Latin American artistic paintings are known to combine realism, symbolism, and surrealism. With the technological advancement and demographical diversity, the culture of Latin Americans will continue to evolve.

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