Where to Live in Brazil Best Places

Some of the greatest reasons why you should make Brazil your home are the world-famous Rio Carnival, the popular Copacabana Beach and other white sandy beaches, the Cariocas, the high women-to-men ratio, the great surfing beaches, and the fitness culture. Other reasons are the great Brazilian food, the great weather, a friendly culture, the love for soccer, the stable government, the improving economic situation, the diverse culture, and the great scenery. So, are you wondering where to live in Brazil?

One of the best places to live in Brazil is Macapa. This is a city in the Northern regions of Brazil (in Amapa's Amazonas state). Note that there are no roads leading to Macapa given that it is surrounded by the tributaries of the Amazon and the Amazon itself. One of the greatest advantages of living here is the good food. Other than the sardines and other fish, you will also have different fruits in your menu. Attractions in the city include Fortaleza Sao Jose de Macapa, the Amazon River, Museu Sacaca, and several others. </P> <P>If you are wondering where to live in Brazil, another top option is Salvador. The city has modern shopping center, bars, and restaurants. It has a vibrant nightlife and everything you would expect of a modern city. The climate in the city is pleasantly moderate, with annual temperatures averaging 27 degrees Celsius and a breeze most of the day and night, meaning an AC system is not always required. The city has affordable construction costs and there is room for growth in the real estate market.

Rio de Janeiro is another of the best places to live in Brazil. This is because of the white sandy beaches, the good transport network, and availability of all the amenities you will ever need. One of the best neighborhoods in the city is Botafogo Bay. This is one of the most beautiful beachfront neighborhoods in the city with its beach falling within Guanabara Bay. It is also home to RioSul and Botafogo Praia Shopping, two of the largest shopping centers in the city.

Yet another good place to live, which is also located within Rio de Jeneiro is Ipanema Beach. The neighborhood, which is located towards the southern end of the city near the world-famous Copacabana beach, is very safe.

If you want the best, consider living in Bello Horizonte. This is Minas Gerais state's capital city. The city has some of the most interesting leisure areas in the country. It is also famous for its traditional characteristics.

Brazil has 26 states and one of the best to live in is Bahia towards the north east of the country. The state, on the Atlantic Ocean coast, is an important culture and history hub. Its beaches are famous for good surfing.

Another of the best states to call home is Minas Gerais. Tourist attractions in the state include the Aiuruoca and Ibitipoca national parks as well as the Sete Lagoas, Lagoa Santa, and Cordisburgo and the many waterfalls along the state's rivers.

If you are in Brazil for the culture, Recife, the 5th largest metropolitan area in the country and the capital of Pernambuco, is considered the cultural capital of the country. The city has been christened Brazilian Venice because it bears close resemblance to Europe's Venice.

If you want energy and excitement, Fortaleza is the place to be. This is the capital city of Ceara towards the North East of the country. The local discos and nightclubs are among the busiest in Brazil.

If you are still wondering where to live in Brazil, other top options are Sao Paolo, which is the richest city in the country, Trancoso, which has relaxing beaches and is a great sunny getaway, and Porto Alegre, which is an important political, cultural, and economic center.

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