Employment Abroad How to find a Job Overseas

More and more U.S. citizens are searching for jobs outside the U.S. This is mostly because of the economic problems the country has been facing ever since the end of 2008 - the country has never recovered from the credit crunch that was started by the foreclosure crisis of 2008. There are record unemployment rates in most states (the national average is 90%) and college graduates are not getting jobs that are commensurate with their education. So, how do you go about finding employment abroad?

You could get recommendations from friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, or other people you know who have worked abroad in the recent past, who know about jobs abroad, or who are currently working abroad. This is a good source of first hand information, but you will only be restricted to a few opportunities.

You could find employment abroad by joining a discussion forum, reading posts in blogs, and through other online communities. Online communities are great when searching for a job abroad since the posts therein are usually by people who have worked in the countries you are considering visiting.

If you are looking for a job abroad in the industry where you are already working, you should network to increase your chances of getting a good job abroad in the future. Networking allows you to hear of what is happening in the industry and it makes you a top option when an employer in another country wants to hire someone from the U.S.

If you are conversant in another language, you could apply for a job as an English instructor. You could take advantage of such programs as the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) that is government-sponsored.

If you already have a job and your company is a multi-national, you could get a job overseas by asking to be relocated. Most companies offer incentives to people who are willing to relocate. People have traditionally relied on newspapers to find jobs and this is still an effective way to find jobs, including jobs abroad. You could read the papers in your country or papers in the country where you are considering getting a job.

You could visit the country where you want to work and walk into different companies with your resume, but this is not a good option since it is costly and you are not guaranteed that you will get the job. An alternative to this is taking part in a volunteer program. This is a good option since the body you are volunteering for will take care of your travel expenses and your upkeep. You can then do a job search from the country.

One of the most effective ways of searching for a job abroad is to do the search through a recruitment agency (staffing agency). This is one of the best options since these agencies have hundreds if not thousands of job opportunities. The agents also have the necessary experience and training to help you search for employment abroad. The best option is an online recruitment agency since gives you unparalleled convenience, cost benefits, and anonymity.

If you want to increase your chances of getting employment abroad, you must work on your resume. Note that what works in your country might not work in another country. You could enlist the services of a professional to help you write the resume. A professional knows the buzzwords that should be avoided and the right format. Do thorough research on the country you want to work in since something as small as how you shake hands with the interviewers could lead to dismissal due to cultural differences.

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