Advantages to Living Over Seas

More and more people are settling overseas. There are several reasons for this. The U.S. has been going through hard economic times even since late 2008. The foreclosure crises led to credit crunch throughout the U.S. One of the greatest advantages of living over seas is that you will escape the economic turmoil.  The U.S. has had record unemployment rates for the past few years. The unemployment rate stands at around 9%, meaning about 23 million Americans are out of work. College graduates are not getting jobs that are commensurate with what they studied. There are countries out there that are looking for people with the necessary training and experience.

You will get new possibilities when you start living over seas. Going overseas is your chance to leave your problems behind and to start a fresh. This is indeed the best option if you have not been lucky in the U.S., business-wise or relation-wise. </P> <P>Another of the greatest advantages of living over seas is that you will be away from the main causes of your problems. If you have a family problem, relocating will help you escape from toxic relationships. Note that stress could lead to depression and might cause death. If you have drug problems, relocating allows you to recover since you will be away from your influences. The space the physical distance gives you will help you heal from whatever problem you may have.

If you live in an area that has bad climate, relocating to an area that has better climate is a good option. This is particularly important if the bad climate has been affecting your health.

You could relocate to a country that has a cost of living lower than that of the U.S. This is advantageous in that you will be living on a fraction of what you would spend in the U.S. According to 600,000 American became expatriates in 1998 because of the lower costs and taxes in other countries. You could accumulate your life savings and have a comfortable life outside the U.S.

You should live overseas because this expands your view of the world. Authors and artists like Ernest Hemingway, Rudyard Kipling, and Pablo Picasso spent years abroad. This makes many people to speculate about the connection between living abroad and creativity. There were studies in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that shows the link between the two.

You could go overseas to escape hefty taxes in the U.S. You should, however, note that you will be in trouble when you come back and you should therefore be willing to make your relocation permanent. There are tax havens like Switzerland that you could go to if you want to avoid tax issues. You do not even need your name to open an account here.

Yet another advantage of living overseas is that you will be more marketable if you choose the right country. There is shortage of people with the skills and training necessary for technical and other jobs in developing countries and even in some developed countries that have population decrease problems. The U.S. education system has many skeptics, but it is still one of the best in the world. Some countries are so far back that they need massive manpower. As an example, countries like Honduras, Belize, and Costa Rica do not have much of a national telephone system.

Another of the greatest advantages of living over seas is that you could learn a lot from life outside the U.S. You could, then, use what you learn to start a business or to help fellow countrymen in other ways when you return.

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