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If you have a tax liability and you owe the IRS some money, then you may be looking for a way to find some relief from it. There are options available to you and you should explore them with an experienced tax attorney in CA before you move forward with a decision. If you would like to discuss your options, call Leading Tax Group today.


How an Offer in Compromise Can Help You. An offer in compromise is a type of agreement that is made between the IRS and you. This agreement will detail the specifics of what you and the IRS agreed to and will include a settlement of your tax liabilities for less than the original amount you owed.


When you choose to work with the experienced tax lawyers at Leading Tax Group in CA, you will know that you have tough negotiators on your side. When it comes time to fill out the application for the offer in compromise, we will be there to help you and work with you to create a fair and realistic agreement.


Our tax lawyers in CA are tough and will not give up in the middle of the negotiation process. Our goal is to make sure the amount you owe is an amount that you can afford.

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