What is an in Garage Tornado Shelter

Sometimes, homeowners fail to take the necessary precautions to enhance safety in the event of bad weather. If you are living in a tornado prone area, you need to think of installing an in garage tornado shelter. So what is an in garage tornado shelter and how does it help you to stay safe and secure in the event of bad weather? 

Well, an in garage tornado shelter provides a safe place to retreat in the event of deadly weather conditions. This shelter is basically designed to withstand adverse weather changes like strong winds and flying debris which may cause a lot of damage. This shelter is usually placed inside the garage but it can be accessed from inside the home.

The tornado shelter can be made using either concrete or metal. Both types can be designed to fit perfectly on your garage and are then delivered when they are completely assembled. However, you may be required to complete the last part of the installation which is to install a door for your tornado shelter. Concrete shelters are especially easy to install because most of them do not come with a floor. They rely on your garage's door to provide proper footing.

Concrete and metal shelters are very distinct. To begin with, those tornado shelters made from concrete are usually very bulky. Delivery can be a headache and such a shelter cannot be installed without expert assistance. Most of them are made using epoxy which is used to hold the shelter in its rightful place inside the garage.

Installation of a concrete in garage tornado shelter is quite easy. To start with, make sure the ground where you intend to mount the shelter is clean so that the epoxy can provide a tight seal. You also need to get the proper measurements for the shelter so that you can fit it nicely on your designated area. Note that, most of these shelters do not have doors attached. You will have to attach it on your own and the door will probably open from the outside, that is, into the tornado shelter. This helps to prevent you from getting trapped inside the shelter due to debris.

So what is an in garage tornado shelter made from metal? When it comes to the metal doors, most of are designed to stick to your garage door using epoxy or strong bolts with the ability to endure up to 13,000 pounds of force. The good thing about the metal tornado shelters is that they are not very bulky. However, you will still need the help of experienced experts during installation. You might also use a power driver to ensure that the strong bolts are properly secured into place.

Before you decide on the most ideal tornado shelter for your garage, there are various things you need to put into consideration. To begin with, you need to decide on the size and location of the shelter. Do you have a designated area to install the shelter? How many family members are in your home and can they all fit inside the shelter? Remember that, after installation, moving the tornado shelter can be a big headache. 

Secondly, it is important to consider some special features when selecting these tornado shelters. For instance, if you have a handicapped person in your family, it is important to find tornado shelters which are accessible quickly using the wheelchair. Make sure the door is large enough to accommodate all of you in the event of an emergency. So if you want to purchase a tornado shelter, make sure you put these factors in mind. Now that you know what is an in garage tornado shelter, you are in a better position to make an informed purchase.