The Video Transfer Made Easy

The video transfer, converting a VHS tape to DVD, is not a daunting task. Updated technology and the growing number of conversion services make the process easier whether its for home use or for business needs. VHS conversion is inexpensive and easily accessible. If you're at ease with technology, you can do tape conversions yourself. With the proper video transfer equipment and resources, you can set up a VHS to DVD conversion studio. For a basic studio set up, you'll need a PC, video cassette recorder (VCR), video editing software (used to add effects, cut, and/or edits digital videos), DVD authoring software (used to burn the digital video onto the DVD), digitizing hardware (equipment used to record to DVD) and a converter box (device used to change analog video signal into a digital video signal).

Do you want to know how to video transfer? The process is actually very straight forward. There are several YouTube videos that show you the steps, including the needed cables and the proper video transfer equipment components. How to video transfer lessons on YouTube walk you through performing the conversion. The conversion process itself involves converting the analog VHS signal into a digital signal for recording on a DVD.

Granted, the above steps are simplified. Yet, there are a number of resources available for the self-starter. Many local colleges offer digital video courses. Whether you use YouTube or take a course, keep in mind theres a learning curve. If your project allows the time, doing the conversion yourself may be an option.

If you don't have the time for learning the process, consider using video transfer services. Professional expertise can be found through retail outlets or through the Internet. Theres a service available to fit every budget and need.

Retail outlets provide VHS conversion services through places like Wal-Mart, The Camera Shop, or CVS.  These services provide professional help in a convenient setting. Pending the outlet, you'll have access from a self-service kiosk to a consultant that can guide you through the tape conversion process. For online outlets, you'll be assigned a consultant. To get the most out of online video transfer services, start with a checklist. 

First, how long has the service been in business? The longer they've been in business, the more reputable the company. Is there a business address?  Not being able to obtain a business address or working with a post office box address may mean you're working with a less than reputable service or loss of precious videos.

Next, determine the quality needed. The level of quality affects the final costs. From a basic video conversion to a broadcast quality finished product, the costs can range from $10.00 to 30.00 or more per tape. Video editing adds to conversion costs as it corrects problems from the original VHS tape. Editing services can include putting more than one video on a DVD to combining several small clips into one movie. Having a good grasp on your needs and the option of choosing the services you need helps you manage conversion costs.

Finally, determine if duplication services are needed. The bulk of the conversion costs go to the initial DVD. Duplication simply copies that DVD and costs range from a few cents per DVD to a few dollars.

Remember, the conversion process is easier and there are many resources help you. Opting for a conversion service, whether at a local outlet or online, is convenient and gives professional results. Using the video transfer company is a great way to preserve precious memories.</P> <P>Be sure the online conversion service suits your needs and gives you the professional results you want.The video transfer conversion process is easier and helps preserve valuable information and memories.

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