How to Live in Greece Jobs and Employment

Greece is one of the destinations of interest for most people due to its rich culture and variety of sights and scenery. However, making Greece a destination for work is another challenge altogether. How to live in Greece by finding a job is usually a difficult task that many who have tried it can attest to. This is because the country has been on a recession for quite some time, there is also a high unemployment rate and therefore you should be very careful about dropping your tolls in your country and moving to Greece. If you have a true desire to work in Greece, you should consider some of the following factors.

First of all, you need to give your work venture a time frame. Whether you are planning to live in Greece for a long period of time or only for a limited amount of time is something that you should be clear about when you start making plans for the move. Finding a steady job that will last you more than six months to three years in the country is very difficult. This is why it is advisable to identify such job opportunities before heading off. However, it is usually more favorable to live and work in foreign destination for a period of six months to one year at most.

The work policies for foreigners on how to live in Greece depend on your country of origin. Individuals who are citizens of any of the EU member states have a much easier time accessing work and living comfortably in Greece. This is because there are not a lot of permits and registrations for them to work in the country. In fact, the most you can do is to register with local police authorities within eight days of arrival to the country. However, this is a guideline for individuals who are staying for less than three months. If you are planning to stay any longer than that, you will be required to get some permits.

If you are not a citizen of the EU member states, things get a little more complicated. This is because you will need to get registration permits and work visas to enable you to operate legally within the country. Information on this can be accessed through local Greek embassies within your country.

Living in Greece as a foreigner has quite a lot of challenges in employment. Not getting paid is one of the biggest challenges. Knowing your rights within the local laws is essential for you to survive in the country. As long as you have a proper work permit and documentation, you should ensure that the employer grants you all the rights of an employee within your situation. Getting paid on a weekly basis is also another way through which you can avoid working for nothing.

How to live in Greece without such hassles is by working for an international company. Such companies employ workers from all over the world and if they have a branch within your country, you are likely to enjoy more favorable working conditions. Working for companies that stretch over a number of countries enables you to be guaranteed pay and favorable terms as well since they have to comply with international work policies for their employees.

All in all, making a move to a new country even if it is just for a short period of time is a big deal. Employment is vital for survival and employment should be favorable to be able to support you. Therefore, ensure that you do thorough research on the laws and guidelines in Greece about foreign workers to ensure that you do not end up getting a raw deal.

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