Why You Should Never Kill A House Centipede

Do you know why you should never kill a house centipede? House centipedes are terrifying insects with hundreds of tiny long legs that poke out from both sides of their body. They move fast when spotted, looking for a safe place to hide, and run up walls. We often find them in our homes. This is why it is best to know as much as we can about them. 

Their scientific name is scutigera coleoptrata, however in they are known as house centipede in simpler terms. House centipedes do not attack humans, instead they feed on other insects such as cockroaches, spiders, termites, and silverfish. They reside in cool and damp environments such as Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and other Northern cities. 

Here are some other things about centipedes that you need to know about


The most outstanding feature of a centipede are its legs. They are present in large numbers, which is unusual compared to other animals. This is why they are called “Centipedes”, with “centi-“meaning hundreds. They have, in fact, 15 pairs of legs. It has very long antennas on its head along with two long appendages on it’s read end. The legs provide speed to centipede who are both the predator and the prey. They allow the insect to travel 1.3 feet per second. This allows them to run away from their predators easily along with them catching up with their prey. 

Other than that, two of the legs that are located right near the head are known to carry venom. The venom allows them to subdue their prey easily. Also, the number of legs help them carry their prey between their legs. They are active hunters and so these legs usually allow them to jump on their target and also lasso them.  One of the reasons why centipedes maybe increasing in number in your home is because of a rise in pests. 

House centipede behavior

They hint at night and have pretty good vision as well. However, it is the extremely sensitive antennas that actually help with hunting the most. The antennas are very sensitive and pickup various smells and vibrations of other insects. 

They are very clever hunters. They go after targets who could hunt them, as well. They sneak from behind such insects, like wasps, sting them with heir venom, run away at top speed, and wait for the venom to take effect. 

Why are they in my house?

House centipedes are believed to have been born in the Mediterranean first. They thrive in warm, tropical, and humid climates. However, they have proven to quickly adapt and survive basically anywhere. 

Areas with harsh winter climates will have more centipedes residing in houses because it’s a warm place to be in. since their eyes are sensitive to light they will look for darker places suchas the basement, bathrooms etc. 

Killing the centipede

The first reaction of a human being on the sight of a centipede is to kill them. But it is best to refrain from doing so. Centipedes eat a lot of unwanted insects around the house that maybe residing in the dark and damp areas. They have great instincts in identifying their prey and do so efficiently. They do not create any type of webs around the house and also do not carry any disease that you might want to be vary of. 

Getting rid of the centipede

If you really wish to get rid of the centipede then get rid of the food source that they hunt on. You can also get a dehumidifier so that all the damp spaces are dry and also seal of the cracks where the pests can lay eggs.

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