30 tips for controlling centipedes and other pests in and around your home

Looking for 30 tips for controlling centipedes and other pests in and around your home? Some of the most common and troublesome pests include centipedes, spiders, cockroaches, roaches, flies, termites gnats, bedbugs, gnats ands ticks. While it is easy to list them, it is harder to control these pests in and around your home. Here are 30 tips for controlling centipedes and other pests.

Get Rid of Centipedes

  • Kill what they feed on- House centipedes feed on bugs, so in order to get rid of them, you would need to get rid of their food. 
  • Avoid MoistureAvoid Moisture - House centipedes are seen near moisture-dipped areas such as bathrooms, cellars, closets, etc. You could use dehumidifiers or install a ventilation fan in such areas. 
  • Seal off any cracks- You should seal off any cracks and crevices in your house as that will give them a place to lay their eggs. 
  • Insecticide Sprays - You can also use insecticide sprays over such openings and any grounds that might encourage centipedes’ activity. 
  • Insecticide Aerosols - Insecticide aerosols are the best alternative for places where the liquid spray cannot get to. 
  • Insecticide Dust - If you want to be extra sure, you could also use residual dust under baseboards and in attic areas. 

Get Rid of Spiders 

  • Remove their eggs - You can get rid of spiders by a great measure if you can remove their eggs before they hatch. 
  • Remove Cobwebs - You could also remove their cobwebs and then make sure you seal the house and prevent them from building up. 
  • Regulate humidity - Spiders are also very fond of moisture so they make their homes in bathrooms and damp basements. Therefore, maintain a 40% humidity level at all times. 


  • Prevent Moisture  - Make sure you keep the moist soil and mulch away from the house and the window frames as it will keep down the moisture level of your house walls and therefore keep away the pests. 

Eliminate Cockroaches

  • Avoid Paper - Cockroaches feed on paper and all paper products so you might want to cut down on such products and avoid leaving them in high humidity areas. 
  • Get a reputable exterminator - Hiring an exterminator will work wonders for you as they are most experienced in setting bait for cockroaches to lure them out of the hard-to-get places. 
  • Clean up - Don’t leave any breadcrumbs lying around on the floors. 

Box Elder Bug Swarm 

  • Avoid Bug congregations - Prevent the bug congregations outdoors by spraying them with soapy water. 


  • Get rid of their feed - s with the centipedes, you should keep the same approach towards getting rid of the things roaches eat to remove the roaches ultimately. Make sure everything is squeaky clean. 
  • Eliminate their water supply  - Remove their water sources, and that involves fixing any leaks you might have in your house. 
  • Caulking Between Trim and Siding - Use acrylic latex caulk in the gaps between the trim and siding. 
  • Foam in Soffit Gaps - After clearing out the soffit gaps, fill the opening with expanding form. Cut away at the excess when the foam hardens. 
  • Seal Gaps across the house - You can use adhesive-backed weather-stripping to seal the windows, doors and basement sashes. 
  • Examine the Dryer Vent = Check tightness of the seal between the wall and the vent; make sure that the damper is not open or broken. 


  • Use Scents - Flies gravitate each other through their scents, so you can use scents they don’t like to disperse them or avoid them getting into your house. Use scents of mint, bay, and basil. 


  • Kill the Queen - You would be removing any indication of termites after you have poisoned the queen and her workers. 
  • Seal the entry points

After you have poisoned, move forwards to create a barrier to kill or repel any termites from getting in. 


  • Keep away the trash - Gnats pull towards trash so you might want to put a lid on it. 

Bed Bugs

  • Clean up everything - Wash all clothes and bedding. Clean up your furniture, baseboards, and mattresses. 
  • Spray on - Use a bug killer and bag your mattress. 


  • Use Vinegar - Ants also trace the scent to follow a trail. You can eliminate it by using vinegar mixed with three parts water to spray away their scent. 
  • Ant Bait - You can set up some of the foods they feed on such as sugar stuff and when they have all gathered up, spray them with an ant killer. 
  • Hydraulic cement - Identify where the ants are coming through and seal that crevice through hydraulic cement that sets up really fast. 


  • Lawn ledge - You can keep ticks out of your home by creating a lawn ledge using mulch, gravel paths, decking, tile or stone. 

Hopefully, these 30 tips for controlling centipedes and other pests in and around your home will help you eliminate these annoying pests in and around your home. 

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