How to Get Rid Of Gnats around Your Home

Want to know how to get rid of gnats around your home? The fact is tiny bugs are annoying. It is not just because they obscure you vision by flying in out of nowhere, but it is also because of the fact that they carry with them dozens of diseases. They are just one of those trivial things that are bound to make you lose your mind over. So, there are mosquitos and flies that have us rip apart our entire room in the pursuit of their murder, but then nature decided that it was not enough. It probably decided that with all the amount of mosquitos in the world the humans are becoming more and more trained in the art of killing them. There should a more challenging bug, the one that would make the targeted human seem completely bonkers to the non-targeted one. Imagine seeing a man down the street doing something totally normal, as you near him you see him start to flail his arms about shouting curses, would you or would you not thinking about crossing the street to the other side?

So what are these little things that might be our own personal Fat Man? These are really small flies who are present in the suborder nematocera. They usually consist of sand flies, drain flied, black gnats, fungus gnats, crane flies and midges. Thanks to their small size, they are known as the “no-see-um”.

Considered as the “OG” of all insects, these have their body segments divided into three parts like course book insects. They have the head, thorax, and the abdomen, alongside six legs, and one or two pair of wings. Unlike, most insect species, the gnat are weak fliers. Their oral organs are defined by one of the three categories i.e. lapping, piercing, and sucking. A lot of gnats bite and also feed on blood, whereas others feed on plat material.

How scared should I be gnats?

Though a nuisance, gnats are not as horrible as we might think. Wait till you heave a sigh of relief. They are not dangerous in the sense that they don’t bite in too hard, however they do spread diseases. It is the pads on their legs that allow them to defy gravity and stick to walls that also have diseases attached to themselves. They transport pathogens from unsanitary areas into your homes, which is why you need to get rid of them immediately. The reason why you need to do this is to not only save yourself from being infected, it is also to stop them from breeding and multiplying. 

How to get rid of gnats

The gnat trap

This is the most obvious and easiest way of getting rid of gnats. There are several different brands of these available for you to buy from. These are primarily designed to combat the fungus gnats, however they also help get rid of other gnats in general by trapping them moments after they emerge from the soil. 

Vinegar trap

If you cannot afford the gnat trap then try this instead, it is usually the go-to for several people. For this method you will require apple cider vinegar, sugar, dish soap, water, and a container. Mix two tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of sugar, a few drops of soap, and a liter of water. Mix the components well together and place the container where the gnats are found in greater numbers. The scent of vinegar will attract the gnats and the texture of soap is what will kill them. 


Use bleach when dealing drain gnats. You might want to keep in mind that bleach might not completely eliminate the problem because the gnats might be breeding much deeper within the drainage system. Make sure to not straight up add the entire bleach into the drainage system, in fact, it is best to add water or ammonia to the liquid for a more effective result. 

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