How To Get Rid Of Ants Inside And Outside Your Home

Want to know how to get rid of ants inside and outside your home?  Ant problem can be a pretty devious one. They are not only disease carriers, but they also bite! They are tiny and sneaky, and can easily make good food become inedible. Here are some of the ways you can combat and keep your home safe and hygienic. 

Adhesive tape

If you see an army of ants moving towards the cookie jar on your counter top then one of the best ways you can stop that is by using an adhesive tape. Tape around the object with the stick side up. This will act as a barrier to the ants trying to sneakily enter your food containers


If you are tired of living with a family of ants, then you can give them a nudge out the door by sprinkling boric acid along any cracks or crevices that you have spotted as their hangout spot. You use a baster to be able to blow small amounts of powder in the harder to reach corners and deep voids. 


You can keep the ants at bay by drawing a line around the home entry points with chalk. The calcium carbonate in the chalk will repel the ants and make sure that they do not enter your home again. The calcium carbonate is made up of compressed shells of marine animals which have been ground up to be the critical component of the chalk. You can scatter the powdered chalk around the garden plants to repel off the ants and slugs. 


If you want to get the ants out without having to shower them with dangerous pesticides, then sprinkle a line of flour along with the backs of the pantry shelves and other places where you see their colonies. The ants will become repelled by the flour and not want to cross off the line. 


If you are tired of getting stung by fire ants whenever you are chilling out in your yard then a flowerpot is the solution to your problem. Take a flowerpot and place it upside down over the anthill. Then pour boiling hot water through the drain hole and you will be burning down their houses. 


You don’t need to use ant traps or insecticides to ant-proof your kitchen. all you need is lemons and you are good to go. The thing with lemons is that they are much more powerful than you even realize. They have often been lauded for their efficiency in cleaning out a lot of the household items all you need to do is squirt some lemon juice on the door thresholds and windowsills. Then squeeze the juice into any holes or cracks that might be a space for the ants to get into. Lastly, for the finishing touches, you can throw around lemon peel slices on the outdoor entrance. The ants will get the hint that they are not welcome here. 


Another member of the citrus line that helps in getting rid of ants is orange. All you will need to do is, in a blender make a smooth puree of some orange peels with a cup of warm water. Slowly pour the solution into the anthills, and it will send the little pests running


If you see that ants have invaded your kitchen and you are looking for a way out before they get to your sugar, try some pepper. Cayenne pepper, when sprinkled in spots where the ants are looking, will give them the hint that there is no sugar ahead. If you find colonies to close to your home then pour pepper down the hole.

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