What is a silverfish and how to remove them

Do you know what is a silverfish and how to remove them? Silverfish are known to have lived from 100 million years before the dinosaurs. They are sized between half to one inch and have a silver or shiny grey appearance. They shed their skin which might be allergenic to some people. And they are most active at night. Want to know how to remove silverfish?

Use Essential Oils 

You can remove silverfish by applying essential oils as they are averse to smelling the odor of lavender and lemon. You can get a bottle of citrus oil and lavender oil and dilute it with water. Mix well and start spraying it on places that you find to be bubbling with silverfish. The most common spaces are edges of the room, cupboards, and under the sink. This method doesn’t have any side effects so you can use it as a recurrent practice without having to worry. 

Jar Traps 

Here, you will essentially be setting a bait. You will need breadcrumbs, masking tape, and some jars.  Place those jars in areas you suspect of having these silverfish. The masking tape is intended to make their climb easy, and the smooth and slippery inside of the jar will make them hard to climb out of there.

Spice droppings

Placing spice into places that you find has the silverfish another odor-based approach to getting rid of them. You can place the packets of spice in your cupboards, and they will repel the silverfish and for the ones who like the smell of spices will have an amazing cupboard-opening experience. Silverfish do not tolerate the strong smells such as of cinnamon or cloves or any other spices that have an overwhelming smell. 

Consider using pesticides 

Even though silverfish are not harmful, but they do eat anything and everything they find. They can choose clothes and paper. So to avoid the annoyance, you can consider using pesticides. Find a pesticide that has liquid pyrethrin in it. As this is highly toxic, you are advised to be mindful of where you are using it. 

Moist rolled up papers

Another way to collect and then burn or throw away the silverfish is to dampen a rolled up paper stack or newspaper (not so much dampened so as to get a mushy thing) and then place it where the silverfish are. The moisture of the paper will attract these creatures, and they will get trapped into it. You can then throw away the contraption or burn it, your choice. 

Cedar Shavings 

You can place cedar shavings to areas you don’t want even the trace of silverfish as they are averse to their smell and will avoid going near its source. This tip could be cumbersome as nobody likes wood shavings all that much. So clean it up after a week or so and continue with the practice as soon as you get rid of them. 

Boric Acid 

Boric acid is a go-to substance in combatting insects of all kinds. Most experts recommend boric acid to be the best weapon against infestations. It comes in the powder form and will kill off both the silverfish and their offspring. You can spread the powder across the major areas at night and then vacuum it into the morning to clear it up. Again, continue with this process till you get desired results. Use a protective face mask when spreading this powder as it could be very toxic. Also, ensure that you do not make contact with it in anyway either let children come near it. And in case you get in contact, immediate medical assistance is recommended. 

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