What do Chiropractors do Treatments and Risks

Any expert chiropractor would not use the same therapy and exercise on all patients. Depending on the condition and the need of the patient, the professional will prescribe the most suited treatment. But, what do chiropractors do? what are the treatments and risks? The most common form of therapeutic treatments used by any chiropractor are discussed below:


Most experts would prescribe the patients to get enrolled in an exercise program or may provide laid down instructions for it. The instructions would help the patients to carry out the exercise on their own. The aim of the exercise session is to focus on stretching and back strengthening.

Heat and cold procedures: 

The alternate therapies of heating and cooling may be used for your joint relaxation! This approach is genuinely helpful when treating back pain. The common approach is to use both – the heating and the cooling ways one after another. An example can be using ice packs for 10 to 15 minutes and then changing it with a heat pad for the same time period. This stimulates the joints and increases the blood circulation. 

Massage therapy: 

Massaging the soft tissues for a considerate period of time can result is major improvement in the circulation of blood, reduced inflammation, relieves back pain, stimulates healing and visibly caters swelling. 

Giving a dietary management schedule: 

To control the pain, muscle tension and stiffness; the doctors may also provide a thoroughly worked diet chart to their patients. The diet would control the pain but also work as a stimulus and stop the same situation from arriving again. These plans are aimed to achieve total recovery.

Other ways may include the use of technology. Tech-therapies are becoming increasingly common. You shall be able to read about them in other blogs. 

These therapies are soothing, without any doubt. Prolonged therapy sessions will show its implications as well. Still, be wary of what you experience immediately.

You need to keep one thing in mind, you are going to experience something new. It will certainly be beneficial in the long run but you may not like the short term effects associated with it. 

  • Causes dizziness: with the fact that these treatments are used to get oneself rid of vertigo; the initial sessions can actually cause severe dizziness. You will be required to take complete rest for at least 30 minutes. The treatment uses much energy from your body and leaves it tired. This leaves a feeling of dizziness.
  • Flu-like symptoms: you may get a minor cold or begin to notice flu-like symptoms after the treatment. At least 20% of the patients experience such symptoms. These symptoms arise due to the release of toxins. Although, whoever gets these symptoms should be happy indeed. This is a sign that the human body has begun to respond to the therapeutic treatment. 
  • Mild headaches: it is commonly observed among the patients that they suffer from mild headaches initially for some time after the session. Depending on the manipulation that you go through, the severity of the headache is subject to change. To cater such cases, the expert already has a supply of pain killers and ice – whichever suits the patient best. 
  • Nausea: this is common for patients who opt for the neck joint manipulation techniques. It particularly happens due to the position in which the patient lies. Since the patients are made to lie on their stomachs for a long time, it starts to churn. Soon after the session when they sit upright; they have a strong sensation of having to puke. Some may even do! 

Among other things, with a small yet existential ratio; you will come across statistics of a dozen of deaths that have resulted ad a result of the chiropractic treatments. The ratio is somewhat 1 in 5 million, but yes – it does exist! 

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