How to Find a Good Chiropractor

Whether you are young or old, skinny or fat, tall or short, over 25,000,000 million American people visit a chiropractor annually. In fact, about a million people a day received chiropractic adjustments. But, how did they find the chiropractor they liked? Most people begin by asking their family and friends to get their opinion. others, pick a random name out of the phone book, Some have had success using online directories like, which lists thousands of local professionals such as chiropractors, many with ratings you can verify. Regardless, here are a few things that will help you find a good chiropractor.

Get Organized
Make sure you know before you see any chiropractor the specific issues you are having. After all, there are more than 100 named chiropractic methods, each varying in the approach and reason for treatment. The chiropractor might get X-rays,or utilize spinal motion or perhaps responses to various "touch" point challenges to try and determine the problem and associated remedy.

Interview them
Before starting any chiropractic treatment, it is usually best to conduct a telephone interview or request an in-office consultation to learn more about the chiropractor, the clinic, and techniques used. While they might tell you everything is on their website, you should require a personal consultation to discuss these details and at the same time, make sure you like his demeanor. For most people, it is important to feel comfortable with the chiropractor and the clinic to have an overall positive treatment experience.

Secure a cost estimates
The cost of chiropractic care will vary according to where you live and the type of coverage(if any) that you already carry. If you have health insurance, check your insurance policies to see if it is included. If the pain is a result of an auto accident for example, it is often covered. You will need to check your policy as your insurance may require you use chiropractors only within your provider network or stipulate that care must be approved in advance, require a copay, or have limits on the number of visits covered. In terms of your initial visit, the cost will probably include an examination and often a set of X-rays (approximately around $160). The charges for more extensive examinations and X-rays will of course be higher. As for subsequent visits for care, they might cost in the neighborhood $50 to $90 per visit, again related to the number of services needed for your care.

Look into references and past jobs
As you would for any doctor, you will want to look into their references. Begin by asking for a list of past clients from each chiropractor you are considering. Find out how long they were (or are) treated, how has it helped and if they experienced any issues working with the chiropractor or their office

Look into reviews
Before using the chiropractor, look and see if they have a BBB rating or SmartGuy rating. You can also enter the chiropractor's name followed by the words “rip off” or “scam” or "injury" and see if anything comes up. You might also find some information on their company at through local medical sites.

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