Neck Pain Behind Ear - What to Do

You can have neck pain behind ear from whatever causes but people are normally more concerned about what to do in case they develop the symptoms. In severe situations where the pain is not attended to in good time, the pain can spread to other body parts, such as the head, shoulder, and arm. You can also feel pain to your neck if you suffer trauma to various parts of your head. Pain on the neck behind your ear arises from the fact that the tendons are connected to the numerous muscles located in your neck just behind the ear.

One of the causes of pain behind the ear is cervical headache that occurs due to dysfunction in the joints, muscles, fascia, and nerves around the neck or cervical spine. This is especially experienced in the upper part of the spine. The pain that radiates from the rear part of the skull causes a pain behind the ear and other parts of your head. This pain can be as a result of the compression of nerves between the spinal bones, tenderness in the tissues of your neck, and a stiff neck that reduces the range of motion of your head. If you suffer from pain behind the ear due to this condition, you can do many things to ease the pain and discomfort. For example, you can enroll for massage therapy, chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, and postural retraining exercises at a local clinic or practice.

Infections can also cause pain in your neck behind the ear. The most common one is the infection that affects the mastoid bone of your skull. This bone is found directly behind the outside part of your ear. The middle ear can be infected, spreading to the mastoid bone. Infected debris then accumulates in the mastoid air cells in the mastoid bone. This normally brings about the destruction of the bony tissue making up your skull. Apart from the pain behind your neck, you may also suffer hearing loss, inflammation of the affected area, neck discomfort, ear drainage, fever, and headache. If you suffer from neck pain behind ear due to this condition, the same treatment mentioned before can work for you. However, your doctor could prescribe some antibiotics to fight the infection before it spreads farther.

You could also develop neck pain because of whiplash; a combination of symptoms that arise from some injury to the neck. For example, a rear-end auto accident is a major cause of whiplash. The extent of the whiplash differs according to the impact of the accident. Moderate or severe neck pain may result from extensive damage to the soft tissue of your neck including the tendons, muscles, ligaments, and spinal cord offshoots commonly known as nerve roots.

You could suffer a host of other symptoms of whiplash apart from the pain behind the ear. Some of the symptoms include neck stiffness, neck muscle strains, headache, neck ligament sprains, shoulder pain, dizziness, memory loss, back pain, irritability, and lack of concentration, fatigue, amnesia, and depression.

Now that the causes of the neck pain behind ear are clear, what you can do is to avoid falling a victim to them. Although massage is usually a first aid strategy, it can be useful in treating mild cases of the condition. This can be done in the domestic setting or by a professional masseuse. However, a chiropractor is recommended for the severe cases. If you are not afraid of needles, acupuncture works equally well for most people. You could also try to change your posture. You should not let pain in your neck interfere with your daily life. Take control and find treatment immediately.

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