Neck Knot Stretches - How to Remove Knots

If you have ever wondered how to remove knots and no response has been forthcoming, this is what you have been waiting for. Muscle knots in your neck are a health problem that you would rather do without. The effect of a neck knot stretches calls for strategies to remove them among other remedies to the problem.

Muscle knots are scientifically known as myofascial trigger points. These are formations of tensed muscles. Apart from the neck, they can also form in your back, hips, and other parts of your body. Knots are caused when you move your neck suddenly or when you stretch the muscles of your neck excessively as you try to reach a high place.

The constant state of contraction causes excess metabolic waste and use of oxygen. This causes the brain to stop blood flow to this area. As a result, signals are sent to the brain in the form of pain. To stop the pain, your brain will in turn send signals for the muscle to rest. After some time, the muscle will be underused, making it to shorten and tighten.

Normal activities can cause the muscles in your neck and back to work in an inconsistent manner. Injury to these muscles can cause muscle spasm. Sometimes, the spasm is accompanied by pain and other times it is not. The spasm also creates tension in the muscles causing them to be unable to relax. Knots are formed when you overwork the muscles over a long time.

Specifically, muscle knots can be formed by a number of factors, such as trauma to the muscles, carrying of heavy items, some dietary habits, psychological conditions, and underlying health disorders.

If you want to know how to remove knots, you could try some of the most effective treatment options for muscle pain. You could try applying heat to the affected areas, using disposable heat-producing pads, heated gel pads, or electric heating pads. Heat soothes and relaxes taut muscles. Eventually, the knots are removed as the muscles relax. You should however use caution when applying heat on swollen areas, as that could aggravate the condition even more.

Many experts recommend deep tissue massage of the neck knot stretches by a professional masseuse to remove the knots. The repeated pressure applied to the painful areas works to ease the tension. You will initially feel great pain as the massage is applied. With time however, the pain disappears as the muscles relax.

You could also take medication for the muscle knots. The medicine you will be advised to take should not contain any steroids and they should be able to reduce inflammation. Your doctor could prescribe some muscle relaxers to assist in your recovery. If the knots are too severe, your doctor might prescribe injections directly to the muscles.

You could also remove the knots by applying pain-relieving creams to the offending area. However, this will only have a temporary effect. Creams can be used to complement deep tissue massage.

You can also remove muscle knots in the neck using treatment methods that are more sophisticated, such as ultrasound treatments and electrical stimulation. If this is out of reach for you economically, you could try less expensive alternatives, such as gentle muscle stretching, physical therapy exercises, and acupuncture.

Research suggests that poor nutrition can worsen the condition. You should therefore consume nutritious food that contains plenty of magnesium and calcium if you want to remove your knots faster. Since dehydration has been identified as a major contributor to the problem, it is advisable to drink lots of water. Regular exercise is a good way of ensuring that you do not allow neck knot stretches to form to unmanageable levels.

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