Do Chiropractors Really Help You and Are They Safe

A chiropractor is a health care expert who uses the way of manual adjustments and/or spine manipulation in order to treat neuromuscular disorders. The chiropractors in general assist in reduction of pain in order to improve functionality of the patient under care. A common question is do chiropractors really help you and are they safe. This treatment is drug free, non-invasive and widely recognized. The treatment provided by the chiropractors can help in the following ways:

It provides you relief from headaches: 

Several studies advocate the fact that chiropractic treatments are helpful in treating and relieving people from headaches and migraines. Migraine and tensions headaches, both can be caused by spinal issues, muscle tension and back pain. In such a situation, chiropractic therapy becomes helpful! The misalignment of your back can pose muscle tension issues and this therapy strives to cater to it.  

The problem of Vertigo: 

Vertigo and dizziness easily disrupts an individual’s daily routine. Vertigo is defined by the sensation of losing balance specifically when you look down from great heights. It becomes near to impossible to go through the day without feeling nauseous. This is something common among being who have experienced head/neck injuries. 
This therapy targets the specific joints which aren’t functioning properly and thus helps in catering to the issue of vertigo. 

Helps in controlling the blood pressure: 

It has been proven though various studies that a chiropractic therapy provides similar effects to that of taking medications when it comes to the treatment of hypertension. It has also been indicated that the effects would last for up to 6 months after the adjustments have been performed. 

Medicines used for treating hypertension also gives rise to anxiety, nausea, fatigue and dizziness. Through the chiropractic therapy, all such negative effects are minimized.

Fights Sciatica: 

This term is used to define the symptoms of numbness, pain and weakness through the sciatic nerve from the lower back to the buttocks and top the legs. People suffering from such pain often lead to being over medicated. The chiropractic therapy reduces the pressure on the sciatic nerve that is the main source of this pain. Patients have observed massive reduction in pain in only a few days’ time. 

It reduced inflammation: 

One of the major causes of tension, joint issues and pain – chronic inflammation is linked to chronic pain, cancer and heart disease etc. The chiropractic adjustments lead to reduction in inflammation that in turn reduces muscle tension, reliefs the lower back pain and joint pain. 

Specific health benefits for children:

The chiropractic therapy can improve your children’s health in many ways. Parents whose children are suffering with the issue of colic, ear influx and acid reflux have seen major improvement in their medical conditions and thus trust this therapeutic treatment.  

Most people are concerned with the health risks that these treatments pose. As quoted by the American Chiropractic Association, only 1 in 5 million people are found to be at risk. However, a 2010 study should a different story. More than two dozen people died after getting a chiropractic treatment. Note that the figure is only as per the recorded accounts and may be far from the actual one. In another study, 32 out of 177 neck manipulation attempts were proven to be fatal. That being said, the figure belongs to the time period of 1997. The medical practices have improved exponentially in terms of maintaining patient’s safety from that time of 21 years ago. 

If you are considering to visit a chiropractor; take referrals from your acquaintance so that you end up with someone reliable. Also, consider seeing an osteopath first if you are not confident even in the least. 

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