How Important Is Tire Inflation Recommended Pressure

Want to know how important is tire inflation? What is the recommended pressure for proper tire inflation? It turns out that proper tire inflation is pretty much a life and death matter. Tire inflation pressure means the difference between a smooth ride or a flat tire (which might translate to a road wreck on the nation's superhighways).  Tire inflation pressure, if it's under or over the proper setting, can lead to traffic accidents, too much wear on the tire way too quickly and a bigger gasoline bill. 

There are two states you can find yourself in if you never maintain, or improperly use, tire inflation - you will be under-inflated or overinflated.   Thats pretty obvious, but you should consider what each of these conditions might mean. 

Under-inflated tires tend to fail (by which we mean explode, rupture or split during the most stressful conditions) because under - inflation provides too small an air cushion between your car, your tire rubber and the road.  This results in too much heat too quickly generated, and a tire that has any degree of wear on it (especially if it is not properly rotated and balanced) will develop weak spots or seams that may show as bubbles, or show metal eroding through the rubber. If this happens, the tire should be replaced at once; do not risk it on the road!  So why do over 260, 000 people get into accidents based on under - inflation?  They don't check their tire pressure.

Over-inflated tires are even more deadly, as they are that much more prone to stretching.  In other words, where under-inflated tires may over time create weak spots or stressors, the overinflated tire is doing it all the time.  The signs of an overinflated tire will be an unsteady, unbalanced feel to the ride and, of course, those ever-present seams and bubbles.

So why do drivers waste an estimate half million gallons of gas a year because of over-inflated tires (the gas price is over-inflated too, but that's another discussion).They don't check their tire pressure. Now the $64,000 question why dont they?  Because its a pain. 

You know the situation. You're at your gas station, which is really the only place you think about tire inflation. Maybe you have your own tire gauge; maybe the service station attendant has one you have to ask for. You check the tire pressure too high.  You deflate it some. Check it again too low. Fill it up some. Check it a third time too high, you have deflate some more.  And so on and so on. 

How about if the attendant does it?  He's going to use the same checking / re - checking process, and he can't even charge you for the service.  Either way, tires are a little over - or under-inflated much of the time.  What do you do to insure proper tire maintenance?  Try a tire inflator. 

If you browse tire inflator on the Internet, you'll find a number of inexpensive, helpful little devices under that name.  They attach to the tire, and then they are set for whatever the proper inflation is, and, with the air flowing, they automatically inflate the tire to exactly the right setting.  Its quick, its easy and its entirely accurate. 

How important is tire inflation? It's a life saver for a few bucks, and a great way to insure absolutely proper tire inflation. 

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