Car Detailing Can Make Your Older Car Look New Again

Most car washes and auto body repair shops offer car detailing.  Detailing a car is the same process that is preferred by used car dealers to make the cars they have for sale appear to be brand new.  There is more to detailing a car than just washing and waxing.  When a car is detailed, it is cleaned thoroughly from the inside out, and minor cosmetic damage is repaired as well.

The cost of detailing your car can be well worth the expense.  Often, we get frustrated with the way our vehicles look over time.  So frustrated, in fact, that we often choose to replace our cars rather than keep them and have them cleaned.  The standard price for having a passenger car detailed at a car wash is $60.  This price will be more for larger vehicles such as trucks, minivans, and sports utility vehicles.

Many people spend a great deal of time working on the exterior of their vehicles while allowing the interior to get away from them.  Detailing a car involves a lot of attention to the interior.  The inside of a vehicle can accumulate dirt and grime quickly.  The longer this is ignored, the harder it is to rectify.  Dirt can settle deeply into a cars carpeting and upholstery.  Small spills can accumulate into a larger mess though out the vehicle.  And, the rear seating area, where the kids spend more time that the adults do, can be a disaster.  Detail cleaning the interior of a car will cost $85 on average for mid-sized passenger vehicles, or upwards of $150 for the bigger vehicles.  Interior detailing includes minor repairs, steam cleaning, and the application of a vinyl protectant.

There are all sorts of choices when it comes to automobile detailers.  One of the latest trends is the mobile auto detailing service.  These services are very convenient, often coming to your place of employment to detail your vehicle while you are working; saving the time it would take to spend your day off without a car while it is being detailed.  Start-up costs for a mobile auto detailing service are relatively low, attracting many young entrepreneurs to the business.   You can run a mobile auto detail company from the back of a large cargo van, or you can haul the equipment behind your car or truck or trailer.

Do it yourself detailing is an affordable option for many, but can be time consuming.  Much of the work can be done at your local car wash.  Many of these newer businesses have bays where you can buy the products from them and do the work yourself.  One drawback is that, unless you have your own tools, you wont be able to take care of minor cosmetic repairs that might be needed.

We are a disposable society.  We would often rather replace something rather than fix it and clean it.  Extending this habit to our cars, however, is expensive and wasteful.  Buying a used car can be tricky.  Unless you are purchasing one from a reputable pre-owned car dealer, there is little guarantee that your attractive replacement car will run as well as the one you are currently driving.  Instead of taking that risk simply for the sake of vanity, it would be much more economical to invest some money in the vehicle that is already parked in your driveway.  You may have already invested thousands of dollars to keep your vehicle running properly.  Why not invest a couple hundred dollars more in car detailing to help keep your car looking as good, if not better, than it runs.

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