Car Repair Where to Go and What to Expect

You want to know how much it will cost for some car repairs?  That's a bit like asking, "How much for a car?"  There's obviously a huge variance in price, depending on what kind of automobile you have, what kind of service you want done and what kind of expertise youre looking for.

But let's talk about the three things you WILL want, no matter why you go in for car repairs: you'll want car repairs estimates, reliable car services and a guarantee on the work.

Before you go for any of that, however, check the repair station's websiteif they're too poor or too technologically inept to have one, you probably don't want them working on your computerized engine.  On the website, you should find listings of services, prices and warrantees; you should also see a prominent code of ethics and recommendations from customers.  You should also see exactly what makes they service, so you can be sure youre getting the right, and most reliable, professionals. 
Now you're ready to hit the car repairs shop.

An estimate should be always be given in any full service auto repair and auto service maintenance center you visit; this is true no matter what their specialization, what types, makes and models they service, or what their nominal charges are.   All estimates should be free - you should, at this point in the transaction, be out absolutely nothing.  If you are asked to pay an estimate fee, this isn't the place for you.

The estimate should tell you what the car repairs cost,  what parts will be used and or replaced and what charges are included for labor.  It should be figured to the penny, tax included, so you get no hidden surprises when you pay the bill  ("oh, by the way, Charlie had to adjust your differential, that's another 200 bucks" is the sign of a dishonest business).

The car repairs should be clearly viewable at all times.  If you're not invited into the shop because of safety regulations, you should nonetheless be able to see the repairs clearly from the customer waiting area.  They should be completed the same day if possible; if theres a day's delay for a part (and in this Internet age, nobody needs to write to Detroit for a part that will come in three weeks), you should be provided a "loaner" car, or at the very least, a ride home.

No matter what the car, no matter what service is performed and no matter the parts or labor, the shop should be willing to offer a guarantee on their work.  This guarantee is one that will ensure the maintenance of  the repairs made, within a reasonable amount of time (usually at least a year), and will be a safety net for you, so you're not coming back in a week with the car which "still isnt driving right."

Free car estimates, reliable and honest car services and guaranteed work - no matter what you pay for it, all car repairs should include these three.

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