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Are you searching to find the best Commercial Loan company in Raleigh, NC in 2019?  You may be wondering where to find the best Commercial Loan Company in Raleigh, NC near me? Many Loan companies are near you, but how do you know who is the best? Will they take time and do your loan the right way, or will they rush through all the steps needed to evaluate your needs, to get to the next client? While several financial institutions offer Commercial and Business Loan services, they all have their level of professionalism and expertise. For this reason, we have set out to help you in choosing the best Commercial Loan Company in Raleigh, NC, to meet your needs. 

We have researched the Raleigh market and found for your consideration -

SmartGuy® Best Commercial Loan Company in Raleigh, North Carolina, is:

Flourish Commercial Capital
Kina Jackson
Raleigh NC 27601
(855) 214-6838
(317) 418-8289

Flourish Commercial Capital is our selection for the Best Commercial Loan Company in Raleigh to go to when your business needs capital.  Their experts provide you with the signature service they have come to be known for.

Flourish Commercial Capital in Raleigh, NC, is in the business of helping Your Business Grow.  They are committed to helping your business branch out, whether it is through Unsecured Bank and Working Capital loans, Equipment Lending or fund Needed for Expansion or Business Acquisition.  They are a nationally recognized leader in the commercial financing industry and offer their clients a wide array of quality solutions. Through providing your company individualized attention, their specialists can come up with the right financing structure to suit your needs and your budget.

You can put your business loan requirements into Motion Now! 

The team at Flourish Commercial Capital is leading the way in commercial finance because our specialists have experience across several industries. Their broad portfolio of financial products ensures that they can provide you the capital you need!

Finding the right company to assist you with sourcing, and obtaining a loan for your business takes time.  We save you a lot of time researching you.  Take the time to review the questions we have researched that you should ask any Lending company.  

When you start looking for the best Commercial Lending company for a loan, you may feel a little overwhelmed. It's easy to underestimate how many things you need to consider. It's not as easy as going to some online website and hiring a company based on reviews. That is why our selection of the best Commercial Loan Company in Raleigh will save you time and money.

It is so important to find the right loan professionals that have the education and experience to provide you with the right business loan for your needs. We have done the research for you and have found several things you should consider before deciding as to which company you employ. Here are some things to think about when it comes to finding the best Commercial Loan Company in Raleigh. 

Here are a few questions to ask before hiring a Commercial Loan Company: 

Does the financing company offer a free consultation?  Most businesses that are looking for a commercial or business loan should talk to different companies, to get a feel of how they operate.  Look for a company that will offer a free, no-obligation consultation where they can evaluate your financial needs and let you know how they can help you.

Does the loan company offer accounts receivable financing?  Some companies may be in poor financial shape and need this kind of help. This type of financing is when a company sells an asset.  Selling an asset is comparable to outsourcing a company's accounts receivable to a financial institution.  This practice is known as factoring. Ask details of how the company will handle this type of loan, like if they will contact your Customers, would you need credit insurance, etc. 

Does the commercial loan company have a quick way to get money fast?  It could take weeks to get the money via the conventional loan process. Ask if they offer hard money, working capital, and bridge loans. These loans can get the capital to you quickly.

Does the company offer Commercial Real Estate Financing?  Ask if they offer more than a few ways to obtain a Real Estate Commercial loan. Like the following:

Conventional real estate loans and if it is being provided for stabilized investment as well as real estate that is occupied.  

Hotels and other property loans that are owner-occupied, like, non-flagged hotels, flagged hotels, and owner-occupied properties.

Another solution for a commercial Real Estate Loan could be Equity and Mezzanine financing. 

If you have a multifamily rental, assisted living facility, apartment building or hotel, a commercial bridge loan could be the right solution.  

Another Commercial Real Estate loan could be a Construction Loan for commercial real estate.

If you are establishing a business internationally, find a lending company with extensive expertise in dealing with loans in Europe and Asia. 

Does the Loan Company offer Contract Financing, and how does it work?  This option allows your company to acquire the maximum amount of cash from the contract in a short period of time. The contract can be monetized to gain the maximum amount of funds allowed. This approach for financing allows a business to get funds and start to drive ROI (Return On Investment) faster than before.  

Does the Commercial Loan company offer Equipment Leasing Solutions?   The best Commercial Loan companies will offer several options for equipment leasing and financing. Ask if they have solutions for startups as well as second chance programs if a company has a challenge with credit. Some lending companies can offer a lot more options than traditional lending institutions when it comes to Equipment Leasing.  Find a company that works well with a business regardless of the company's time in business. If your business has a limited or challenged credit rating, find a company that offers a second chance program. Ask if the company has access to good deals on construction equipment. 

Does the Commercial Loan company offer Franchise Financing?   There are a variety of ways to get a loan for a Franchise. What is the best company to work with? Find a loan company that is an expert for helping prospective franchise owners obtain a small business loan. Look for a loan company that offers: 

  • Supplemental cash for working capital
  • Low rates
  • Fast closing times
  • Fast approval times
  • No penalties for pre-payment, long terms 
  • Provides individualized solutions rather than a cookie-cutter product for your loan

Find a company that is interested in your franchise succeeding.

Does the Loan Company offer Financing for the Medical Profession?  The best Medical Loan Company will provide loans to a variety of different medical professionals. The best Loan companies will offer loans for doctors in private practices, veterinarians, psychologists, dentists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals.  You will be able to acquire necessary medical equipment, consolidate debt, and watch the practice thrive. Ask if they have a Practice Acquisitions Program, this is often the best option for healthcare professionals that want their practices to experience marked growth over time. 

Does the Loan Company offer a Merchant Cash Advance program? A Merchant Cash Advance is not like a small business loan. It is a cash advance that is given to qualified merchants that have a history of credit card sales. A small portion of funds from future credit card sales are taken instead of a monthly payment after the business receives funds upfront.  Small business loans are a good option for certain businesses, but the Merchant cash advance may be a better option for other businesses. These Loans can typically be received within seven days or less. 

Here are some Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance Program:

  • No Application Fee
  • No Closing Costs
  • No Fixed Payments
  • No Equity Loss

Does the Commercial Loan Company offer funding solutions for mergers and acquisitions?   Merging with another company can be a delicate transaction that should be handled with care and may require a sound corporate financing plan.  The Best Commercial Loan Company will put together the right kind of acquisition financing structure. Ask how detailed your Loan company will be when they investigate the business being acquired to learn about their assets.  Find a Loan company that cares about you.  Business acquisitions always have unique variables that can change at even a moment's notice. 

Does the Commercial Loan Company offer Church Loans and Financing? The best Commercial Loan Companies offer programs for churches with congregations of all sizes. They help them obtain the funds they need to build a larger sanctuary or church building.  Make sure your lending professional understands church loans and has experience assisting churches, including small churches, obtain the funding they need.  The Best Commercial and Business Loan companies will also know how to obtain equipment lease loans for the church for new seating, instruments, and office expansions and upgrades.  Does your church lender work with companies that focus specifically on the needs of churches? We have options available only to churches and can help even small churches obtain loans. 

Does the Commercial Loan Company offer Unsecured Bank Loans for Startup business funding? Every small business won't qualify for SBA financing. The Best Commercial and Business Loan companies can help you obtain Unsecured Bank Loan financing to start and grow your business.  Unsecured Bank Loans let your business get the funds you need but without needing collateral. You can use these funds for working capital, new equipment, or any business need.  The Best Commercial and Business Loan companies can get you great rates on Unsecured Bank Loans from nationally recognized banks and lenders. 

Does the Loan Company offer Project Financing?  As your business grows; you may need to start a new project.  You may run into roadblocks trying to secure financing through traditional channels such as banks. With the Best Commercial Loan Company, they will be able to create the right funding structure. The company should research your company and your project. Their solution should be based on your; assets, experience with the project, Projections for success, and any unique concerns or needs. Ask if the company can offer:

  • Venture capital
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Energy financing
  • Equity financing
  • Debt financing

Does your Commercial Loan Company offer any help in Purchase Order and Trade Finance?  See if the company has worked with manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and resellers.  As a business, you need the cash to secure pre-sold merchandise. That is where purchase order financing can help. If you are a Startup or your business has the poor cash flow or little capital, you may find funding through traditional channels a little hard to navigate.  Find a company that will help with:

  • Letters of Credit for trade finance
  • Production finance for work in process
  • Domestic trade purchases
  • Import and export transactions

When you work with the Best Commercial Loan Company, you will be able to grow without having to sell equity or incur an increase in debt. Some more benefits are: 

  • Increase customer satisfaction through timely deliveries
  • Growing your market share
  • Fulfilling large orders

Does the Commercial Loan Company offer SBA (Small Business Administration) Loans?  Find a company approved by the SBA who provides and delegates the approval process directly to their lenders.  These loans will be quick and efficient due to their standing and reputation as a financial institution.  In other words, the best Commercial Loan Company will leverage a history of outstanding services. It will also utilize best practices to expedite the loan process for small business owners. 

As a small business owner, it is integral that you find the best loan as well as the best financial corporation to work with a soon as possible. Getting the right loan could be the difference between the success or failure of your small business. It is of the utmost importance that your loan is processed quickly and efficiently.  

Does the Loan Company provide Structured Settlement and Annuity Financing?  You will be able to apply for this type of loan when there is an unexpected change or a large expense, or you may need cash.  Annuity financing is when you can receive a lump sum of cash in exchange for selling all or some of your payments. It also occurs when simply selling a portion of each future payment. Here are some benefits of an Annuity Loan when you work with the Best Commercial Loan Company:

  • Position your assets to be transferred to your heirs
  • Cash-out an inherited annuity
  • Customize your financing solution to your specific needs
  • Avoid high surrender charges

Does the Commercial Loan Company provide Tractor Trailer Financing? Going through traditional ways of obtaining a loan for tractor trailers, whether you are a tractor-trailer dealer, or you own a transportation company often results in a lot of red tape, as well as other requirements.  That is why you need to find the Best Commercial Loan Company that can provide Tractor Trailer Loans.  You don't want to miss out on time-sensitive opportunities.

The Best Commercial Loan Company can get your business the financing it needs. Look for a company that offers the following:

  • No credit threshold
  • Option to buy for owner-operators
  • Used or new equipment
  • Financing packages for multiple vehicles
  • Equity alternatives for less than perfect credit

The "one size fits all" approach of traditional lending channels does not work well, and you could lose out on an opportunity before you.  The Best Commercial Lending Company will want to work with you to design your tractor-trailer financing program.  The company should work with you, whether you are tractor-trailer dealer, own a fleet of trucks, or if you are just starting out as an owner-operator and are looking to grow your business.

Finding the right and best Commercial Loan Company will take time, but when you take the time to select the right one, it will pay off in the long run. Just ask the questions presented here, and you'll be well on your way to finding the Best Commercial Loan Company that will be there for you when you need them.

More about our choice of Kina Jackson and Flourish Commercial Capital:

Flourish Commercial Capital was formed by a desire to help startup and other businesses find the capital needed to start and expand.  Kina Jackson, the Director of Flourish Commercial Capital, has an extensive entrepreneurial background. Kina found herself needing capital on many occasions but having a hard time finding startup funds and working capital at great interest rates. 

Flourish Commercial Capital was born after Kina Jackson, the Owner/Director, learned that many friends and family were having the same concerns about startup and business funding. After attending a formal training program to learn how to source and arrange commercial and business loans across all industries, Flourish Commercial Capital was launched to meet the needs of businesses in Raleigh, and across the Triangle and Nationwide. 

Best Commercial Loan Company in Raleigh