Considerations When Choosing Playground Equipment

Choosing playground equipment is a tricky subject since the playground equipment for schools, parks and playground equipment for children in wheelchairs will all be different to some extent. It is not that difficult to find playground equipment for sale because you can perform a simple Internet search, look through the phone book or browse the local newspaper to reveal a number of places where new and used equipment can be found. The problem comes in determining which equipment to purchase, and it is not an easy decision to make.

There are some factors to consider before spending the money on equipment to furnish a playground:

  • The age and condition of the equipment
  • Ages of the children that will be using the equipment
  • Any special needs of the children such as wheelchairs or if they are able to maneuver traditional equipment
  • The design of the equipment
  • The location of the equipment and the amount of available space
  • The budget to purchase the equipment
  • The location of the playground itself
  • Weight limits on the equipment
  • Cost to upkeep the equipment

Playground equipment for children in wheelchairs will need to be ramp accessible, which means that there will be more room required to hold it. Wheelchairs are not designed to be navigated up stairs or make sharp turns at corners, making the design of the equipment important. The children's ages will play a large part in the final selection since you would not expect a two-year-old to do the same tasks as a seven-year-old; if there is a large mixture of ages expected to use the playground, it is important to have something to cover all of them.

The ability to clean and maintain the equipment will be a factor in what equipment is used as well since the equipment will be exposed to the elements unless it is being placed under a shelter; keeping it clean will help to expand the life and make it safer for children. Locating playground equipment for sale is actually the easy part of the task; it is choosing playground equipment that is the difficult part with all of the options available.

Playground equipment for schools should be sturdy enough to accommodate hundreds of children using it on an almost daily basis. The equipment should be durable enough to stand up to the enthusiasm of young children and strong enough to hold the weight of older children; in some cases, it may have to hold the weight of adults that are helping children on the equipment, which makes checking weight limits important. The equipment should be inspected thoroughly before buying it to ensure that it not only suits the needs it will be expected to meet, but is safe for the children that will be using it.

There are a number of things to consider before purchasing playground equipment. Used equipment may be acceptable in some cases but not all cases. There can be damage to equipment that has been in use too long or neglected, so the equipment should have been well cared for on a regular basis. There are stores that specialize in playground equipment; some offer delivery and set up while others require those details to be taken care of by the purchaser. There are always safety concerns for children and making sure they are safe is a top priority when they are on the playground.

Choosing playground equipment means actively comparing all the options available as they fit into the budget that is allowed for the purchase. The condition of the equipment should be examined carefully, especially when buying used equipment, because the amount of care it has received will affect how long it lasts under the daily use of children. There should not be any cracks in the frames, and areas that children walk should not be sagging or bent.

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