Ammunition Types and Where to Buy

Do you know the various ammunition types available today? Do you know where to buy them? Ammunition is likely to be a relatively intimidating subject for those who possess less knowledge of the world of firearm. Selecting specific ammunition for personal defense or hunting is an important decision that comes along with strong consequences for the safety and performance of the firearm. With a number of different opinions, geek-speak and misinformation floating around the topic, it can be overpowering to the point of exasperation.

The good and happy news is that it really is a simple topic once you have an understanding of the simple terms. Keeping that in mind, we will focus on learning about different types of ammunition and how to choose the best one for you. 

Ammunition is usually articulated in certain measurement. Mainly, metrics are used around the world while the commercial market in the United States uses a U.S. standard measurement. 

The measurements found in the metric are mostly calculated in a “diameter to length” ratio; for example, a bullet for the desired caliber:

  • 45mm long and5.56x45mm is 5.56mm wide 
  • 9x19mm cartridge is 9mm wide, 19mm long

A gauge is used to measure shot-shells with a lesser number being a superior diameter.  Typical 12 gauge shells are around 70mm in length, which can be worked out to be 2½”, but offered in a 3” magnum alongside. Before we go on any further into the world of ammunition, it is vital to note that cartridges are created out of a total of four components:

  • Case (mostly steel, nickel or brass)
  • Primer 
  • Powder/propellant .
  • Projectile 

Various kinds of Bullets

Bullets are manufactured in several various types denoted as suffixed acronyms; these several bullet types can be seen here:

  • SP – Soft Point – the tip of the projectile is left uncoated (uncovered lead)
  • AP – Armor Piercing – this ammo has an amalgam center, rather than lead
  • BT – Boat Tail – this implies the backside of the cartridge is decreased to balance out the shot in flight
  • BTHP – Boat Tail Hollow Point is a mix of the Hollowpoint features and boat tail

Elements of Performance:

Since we've had a speedy discussion, the physical qualities of these cartridges, how about we speak rapidly about a few components of execution. This point is the subject of numerous books, articles, and Internet posts and would take up an enormous measure of room to completely clarify in one article, however with comprehension of what these things mean; you can go forward and settle on choices dependent on the learning you create.

The term “Ballistics” comes from the Greek Word ‘Ballein’, that originally means “to throw.’ Just like a baseball or football when a bullet is fired, it follows a certain trajectory and is mostly assigned a velocity, and these things account for how a bullet performs. The bullet does not go in a straight line; it is rather ‘lifted’ and then it begins to ‘drop’ losing its velocity.

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