Buying A In-home Spa is Like Buying A Car What to Know

Buying A In-home Spa is Like Buying A Car. If you ask someone who recently fitted their backyard with a Spa, they will tell you it's a similar process. Hot Tubs and Spa features are like examining the bells and whistles knowledgeable consumers do their research before buying. Each line of products comes with its own group of features and upgrades Several different models, with options for enhancements such as ' plane bundles ' or sound or lighting.

Here's the inside look at some of the latest features and choices on the luxury spas and hot tubs.

Materials - The pool, jets and cabinet materials offer a dizzying array of options. Acrylic is the most common material, capable of swirling colors, and creating a high gloss, scratch-resistant surface. Spas can also be made entirely from molded thermoplastics, or use natural wood cabinetry, which looks better but may need some maintenance in the spa cabinet. Spa cabinet choices are a nice feature that lets you choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and texture. A spa with panels that are easily removable and replaceable would allow you to change your spa look more easily.

Lighting - Spa illumination is no longer just a single bulb at the bottom of the tub. Manufacturers place lights around the rim in several submarine areas, and above water. Exterior lighting may also be provided, downlights that help guide you around the spa. Small waterfalls are also often lighted. Like trim lighting in new model luxury cars, spa owners can adjust colors and intensity for various lighting zones.

Controls - Spa side controls are more user-friendly than ever, with some versions requiring smartphone apps to work, and others with remote control devices that float. Guide your pumps from a touch-screen, fan, blower, and lamp. Flow and heater run times for the program. System troubleshoot, transfer code click.

Massage Jets - There were only 8 jets in my first Spa. It's not unusual to have hundreds of jets at spas today. The location of the jets is more important than the number of jets, and if you can adjust their flow, without having to switch off or reduce flow to some spa jets to maximize flow to others. There are hundreds of proprietary spa jet types or Spa jet arrangements. Different whirly, twisty items that combine water and air are the best–every maker claiming to have their jet design and place. Foot jets constitute a popular option. I love my jet face, which comes in on one seat right under the pillow.

Insulation - A thick layer of foam insulates Spa shells and fastened to the shell's underside. Both spa builders separate a bit differently outside shell insulation. Some will insulate the concrete, or with foam panels on the sides of the spa cabinet. Many are going to do full insulation and fire the whole cabinet full of expanding foam, while others are going to do some sort of partial insulation around the shell and equipment. 

Sanitation - Manufacturers can install sanitation systems to help reduce chemical maintenance as another way to distinguish their models from others. For many years ozonators (ozone generators) were a popular option. More use is being made of ultraviolet systems that bath the water in UV light. Many spa manufacturers now sell Salt systems at their spas as well. Ten (10) lbs of salt is recommended to be added to the spa and the electrically charged salt cell produces all the chlorine you need.

Filtration - In most spas and hot tubs, cartridge filtration is used. That's ok. You can also switch to a larger cartridge, or one treated with Microban, for greater resistance to bacteria.

Accessories - Add-ons that can really add up to your tub's size! Many are hard to resist, like a built-in music system that can connect to a wireless music system, or via your Bluetooth device.

  • In higher-end tubs, waterfalls are popular options, either a small 6-8′′ water sheet or several small laminar jets that make a steady water stream. Both can be fitted with LED lighting, too. And there are trim choices just like most cars these days, to add more bling to your spa. Stainless steel jets, or elegant accent bits to decorate your spa.
  • Spa furniture around the pool makes it look much less boxy and allows you to put towels, equipment, and plants around the spa neatly. A collection of spa steps is required at the very least, to help you and your guests safely get in and out. Gazebos or a pergola framework allow for a certain amount of privacy and nicely frames a spa.
  • A spa cover and lift is also needed for whatever type of spa you buy. It's way too expensive to keep it warm without a spa cover. The spa covers supplied by most manufacturers are in most cases, flimsy, so carefully choose a strong spa cover.