How to Choose A Florists For A Wedding

Among the many choices that must be made while planning a wedding is choosing the right florists.  There are a lot of decisions to be made about wedding flowers, including how many, what type, and which colors will look the best.  With the multitude of other decisions that must be made, it is best to leave the flowers up to a professional.  But, choosing a florist in your area is not easy.  There are many sources of information, and some that you might not have thought of.

Whatever you do, do not procrastinate.  When choosing a florist for your wedding, you need to book early.  The best florists with the greatest reputations and the most experience are always very busy. To procure the services of one of the florists that are well known in your area as a great florist for weddings, you need to secure their services about six months in advance.  The longer you wait, the less likely it is that the best wedding florist will be available.

Finding a florist with the best reputation takes some detective work.  Most people start by asking family, friends, and neighbors for referrals.  But, there are many other great sources of information.  A great place to start is with the venues you have chosen.  Churches and reception halls all know the best florist in the area.  It is also a good idea to consider ones that are familiar with your chosen venues, as this minimizes the chance of the flowers becoming lost on the way to the church service or wedding reception.  They will also know what arrangements will work in the space you have chosen, and which will look out of place.  While you want the flowers to make an impression, they should not do so in an awkward manner.  When choosing a florist for your wedding, asking the wedding professionals you are already working with is a great place to start. 

Your local store front florist might not be the best choice, as being a florist for weddings is a specialty that many practice out of their homes or on an exclusive basis.  Finding florists who specialize in weddings is ideal.  Because that is all they do, they will have much more focused knowledge concerning the latest trends and designs.  They might also be familiar with other weddings you have attended recently, from which you might have gathered your first ideas.

Once you have narrowed your choices down to a manageable number of about three, it is time to start asking questions.  Be bold when describing what you want.  Do not be timid about mentioning specifics, and do not back away from what you want unless every florist you talk to agrees that it is a bad idea.  There is some value in learning from their experience, but weddings are very personal affairs.  No one wants their wedding to look the same as anyone else's.  The choice of flowers should make a personal style statement for the soon to be married couple.

Don't let choosing wedding florists hang you up.  There are many important decisions to be made in the months leading up to the wedding.  Choosing flowers should be done as early as possible in the planning process to give time for other important decisions like food, guest lists, and music.  Finding a florist with experience can be as simple as asking your pastor or the manager of the reception hall for suggestions.  While friends and family might have well-intentioned ideas, it is best to seek advice from those who have experience with weddings and wedding receptions.