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Daffner and Associates

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Daffner & Associates has represented individuals and businesses in thousands of legal matters in both State and Federal Courts since 1993.

Some clients come to us because they're in trouble - criminal trouble, firearms trouble, tax trouble and just plain trouble in general.  Some come because they're being sued, some come because they need to sue.  Some come just because they're not sure where to turn but know that something is wrong and they're looking for justice.

They all come to us because they want sophisticated, professional representation in a cost-effective manner.  They come to us because they want personal, hands-on service and big-firm services at a small-firm price.

But most importantly, they come to us for another reason - because we're good at what we do.

Since 1993, we have represented clients in thousands of legal matters, in both State and Federal Courts, and at the trial and appellate levels.  We are among the top attorneys in the field.  We know the law and we know our way around the courtroom - and we also know how to get things done the right way.

If you need premium representation at an affordable price, please contact our offices to arrange for a confidential, no-obligation consultation.

Daffner & Associates - Always on Your Side.

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429 Forbes Avenue Suite 610
Pittsburgh PA USA, 15219
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John Daffner
+1 (412) 281-5002

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