The importance of Signs and Banners in Business

Do you know the importance of signs and banners in business? It is critical. In fact, it is a $50 billion market for one reason - they work!

Signs and banners serve as location markers directing people to a business, as well as gaining the attention of new customers. Of course, there is also brand awareness, which greatly helps in recurring clients and referrals. But, before going too much into the importance of signs and banners for a business, let’s first discuss its primary function.

Since the beginning of businesses, there have been a need for signs. From those swaying wooden plaques during Revolutionary times, to today’s full cinematic programmable outdoor televisions. Yet, the  main function of a sign or banner is simply to identify a business, making it easy for customers to find it. 

Beyond that, signage is used as an impulse trigger, whether to catch a consumers wondering eye with a special offer, unique item or other opportunity. Similar to fishing, the more lures you have, the more fish you might attract. Some of the important factors to consider when making a sign or banner are color, light, and other visually interesting elements.

But one of the most important factors to consider is specifically how will it increase customer traffic. A well designed and placed sign or banner outside a shop or businesses can help drive customers stop, take a look, and come inside. They can be made of a variety of materials and styles.

They can also serve to a wide variety of products or a specific one - especially, one that is hard to come by or at a very attractive price! As for the best way to display your message, signs can be hung, held, twirled, and moved in virtually all directions - whether fastened to a building, leaned in front or twirled by an employee.

But the most important reason people use signs and banners is to increase revenue, whether by announcing specials, sales, and/or discounts. These signs need to change frequently in order to provide a fresh message to local consumers and attract as many different people as possible. Not every message works for every person, just like not every lure works for every fish.

So how do you know which sign company to use? The role of a good sign companies (and there are about 30,000 in the U.S. today, is one that analyzes exactly what you need. Specifically, what is your target group, what is your budget, what do you aim to achieve etc. Here are some common aspects of effective signs and banners in business:

Creating an Online/Offline Connection with Clients
As you probably know, most people use the Internet today and putting your company’s web adress on signage and banners allows customers to check out your website and what you have to offer in detail - and at their convenience. In addition, many consumers love the ease of scanning QR codes from ads. Placing a QR code on your signage is a great way to get people to stop and read your sign.

Advertises Current Sales
While everybody loves a good bargain, if they don't see it or hear about it, it doesn't matter. Advertising sales and discounts on prominent well designed signs can potentially attract hundreds of new customers every day. It is important to create the right design for the people you seek, as well as position it where they are normally looking.

Clear Visibility of Your Company Logo

Keep in mind the importance of branding. Think about it, who doesn’t instantly recognize the logo of Nike, Microsoft or Apple? Creating a well designed memorable logo helps make sure as many consumers as possible recognize your logo. Banners and posters which prominently display your company logo is one of the best ways to develop a recognizable and respected brand, and following. 

Good Images

The effective use of bright colors and attractive images of your products or services on signage or banners can greatly influences the shopper’s desire to inquire for more information or make a purchase, especially when products are nearby and easily accessible.

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