How to Find the Best Car Rentals

Car rentals can make it easier to take a trip, to drive when your car is in the shop or even for a special occasion.  Usually, you can locate car rental companies near an airport to make rental easy for air travelers, but there are satellite offices that are spread out, so there should be one near you.  If you have some time to plan for a trip that requires you to rent a car, then you may be able to find good car rental deals and other times, the last minute trips might sneak in a cheaper rate, too.  Doing some homework about the type of vehicle that you want to rent and the typical prices that the local companies offer for daily rates, weekends and weekly rates can make you a savvy renter.

Car rental companies may offer deals to some travel sites.  On those sites, you can combine airfare and car rental and even add a hotel stay to the package.  The prices for each part may be cheaper, but if you need only hotel or just car, then this is not the way to go.  Places like AAA can offer discounts on car rentals with your membership card. This type of discount doesnt need to be used in advance or with any certain amount of time, it should be good for whatever car you need and when you need it. 

Sometimes, if you rent an economy car at a very busy time you might get lucky.  Economy or compact cars are the cheapest cars to rent and at busy times these get snapped up first.  If that is the case then the rental company may not have the vehicle class that you have selected. You may benefit because the rental place may have to upgrade you to another car level that has larger and more luxurious cars available to you.

If you are in search of a limousine or an SUV or van for moving, you may be able find a good weekday deal since a weekday may be slower business days for the rental company.  However, during peak wedding or prom times like in the spring months, finding deals on limousines might be hard to do.  Since weddings are typically planned well in advance, you could shop around to compare rates and even inquire with your hotel or reception sites to see if they offer any car rental deals with your package.

Since there are several choices for rental cars, it pays to shop around.  Coupons for one Rental Company might be honored at another one in order to get your business. Also, there might be some price matching especially during the summer when people are more apt to be traveling for a vacation. Booking your car online sometimes yields more deals, too.  Doing a quick search can give you a glimpse at the offerings of the companies nearest you.

If you fly to your destination and need a car there, make sure that you know when the rental company is open.  This will save a bit of frustration when you arrive and want to pick up your car.

Car rentals make sense to save the wear and tear of your own vehicle when you travel. Special occasions like weddings and proms may be the time to rent a limo or a nicer car, but planning ahead and comparing deals is definitely advised. Planning that vacation to the coast?  Then considering an SUV or van rental to pile the kids, coolers and suitcases in and set off for beach fun.  Just dont forget the sunscreen.

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