How to find and hire the best aromatherapy expert

An Aromatherapy expert is someone who is trained in the use of aromatherapy oils to promote wellness and well-being.  The expert has learned about how the essential oils can work for each persons needs and how to combine them for the most powerful outcomes.  While this person is not a medical professional, there are certification programs that practitioners can attend.  The American College of Healthcare Sciences is one place to access such a program. There is also an Aromatherapy Registration Council that offers a national exam in aromatherapy and provides a list of registered practitioners. A registered aromatherapist must also complete one hundred hours of continuing education and renew their license every five years.  Many times, you will find an expert has years of practice in aromatherapy, as well as other mindful practices, like Yoga, or massage.

Aromatherapy oils are created from extracts from plants, flowers, bark and leaves to promote well being both physically and emotionally.  Inhaling the oils may stimulate the brain for healing.  Rubbing the oils on the skin allows them to be absorbed by the bloodstream and can then be used for a total body healing.  The aromatherapy expert understands the oils and the healing aspects that they contain. (S)he can help to recommend the right oil or combination of oils to assist you with any problems or to promote well-being. 

In addition to aromatherapy oils being rubbed on the skin, the oils can be inhaled.  Aromatherapy diffusers can be placed in nearly any space and even worn on your belt, neck or wrist. The essential oils can be displayed in a vase or small container with a reed that absorbs the oil and allows it to slowly enter the air in the room.  It is a gentle way to create a mood and introduce a light scent without the use of candles. Electric aromatherapy diffusers can cover a broader range with their fans or light bulbs that emit the scents faster than a reed drawing the oil.  

Many day spas and massage studios have aromatherapy practices as a part of your experience and also as a service.  Consulting with an aromatherapy expert can be a part of your spa experience.  Other aroma therapists practice in their own shops where they sell their oils and teach their clients about their practices.  Sometimes, you can even book a party where you can have a group of friends and family gather to try out some oils, see the newest line of diffusers or just enjoy a different way to gather and enjoy learning something new that might very well have an impact on your well-being.

An Aromatherapy expert generally has had many years of practice using essential oils and has either taken the national exam for aromatherapists or has studied with one of the experts in the field.  Creating combinations unique to the person requires an understanding of the oils and how the combinations can work together in the best possible manner.  Whether you visit a spa, an online site or a local shop, you may be surprised at the benefits that you can enjoy by employing some essential oils into your daily life.  Many have sought solutions to stress by using essential oils, but there are other benefits besides stress relief.  Using a diffuser that you wear or one in your home or office can be a subtle way to introduce a mood lifting scent.  Wearing a diffuser around your neck can be a way to have the oils stronger for you and less apparent to others. Consulting an expert can be fun, educational and a mood-lifting experience.

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