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Lamictal Withdrawal best Rehabilitation Services in Fort Worth TX

Lamictal withdrawal can be a bit harsh. But, why are you on Lamictal in the first place and is it a good idea to quit? Lamictal is good for bipolar disorder, mood stabilizing, stopping seizures and a host of other things. Before quitting this kind of drug, it would be advised to contact your doctor and discuss the reasons. However, if you have discussed this with your doctor and they are aware, then seek help. This is not something you should try to do alone. We are a clinic that is here to help. Every person is different and goes down a different path. Withdrawals are not the same for every person, but the series of events is usually pretty predictable. Various factors play a role in determining the severity and duration of your symptoms. Factors like how long you were on Lamictal, how much dosage you were taking, how you decide to quit and so much more. Ask us. We can help on Lamictal withdrawal.

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