Garage Door Companies Install Repair Openers

Day in day out you have been used to a perfectly working garage door. There may not have been many issues in the past save for a few squeaks here and there. Maybe there was a time when you had to repaint the door. The aforementioned garage door maintenance activities do not warrant you having to call garage door companies. Probably you have had to tighten some screws or oil the squeaky movable parts. These are simple activities. However, installing garage doors can be a difficult process for you to do on your own. Such projects require the input of experienced people who specialize in them.

There are two types of garage doors you can opt for; manual and automatic. Installing a manual garage door is easier than its automatic counterpart. A manual door is operated by pulling its handle upwards or downwards. Normally, they are made using light materials. On the other hand, a manual door is made from a heavy material. Garage door companies usually handle such work since they are able to provide the necessary tools and manpower. This type of door is operated through cables and motor that runs on electric power. Interestingly, whenever there is no power an automatic door has to be operated manually.

Irrespective of whether you are installing a manual or automatic garage door, you need to adhere to the instructions from manufacturers. The best way to approach a project of this magnitude is by hiring garage door companies. You will spend a little bit more but in the end the experts will do all the work and test the door for you. On top of that, new doors come with product warranty. This allows you to enjoy maintenance and repairs for free in a duration of one or two years as the case may be. Like any moving parts, garage doors pick faults once in a while. With an expert by your side, fixing such faults should not worry you.

Once the door becomes operational, it is up to you to familiarize yourself with how it works. This is not hard. You should also learn how to trouble shoot problems. At times the door may get jammed midway, fail to align itself properly, or refuse to budge. Most of the time, the problem could be with the power supply or faults with the cables and motor. Check whether the cables are worn out or loose. This could mean that power is not flowing to the motor. You might have to replace the circuit board and install new cables. An electrician can do this for you.

Should the garage door still be under warranty, all you need to do is call the garage door company. Once you alert them of the problem, they will send a repair crew to fix it. There is no cause for alarm when the opener is broken or has loosened. With a screwdriver, you can tighten the screws. A ladder is also necessary. New openers can be sourced from hardware shops that specialize in garage doors.

Power surges or lightning storms are the main causes of malfunction in garage door motors. You can take preventive measures by installing surge protectors. To replace a circuit board, you will need to obtain the serial number as well as the model type. This is what you will use to order for or buy a new one. Should you find the re-installation process difficult, call your garage door dealer for assistance. Otherwise, you can mark each wire as you remove from the circuit board. This way, re-attaching to the new board will not be a problem.