What are the Different Kinds of Outdoor Advertising

What are the Different Kinds of Outdoor Advertising? There are many to choose from. In the highly modernized world, technology allows us to exercise a level of originality in outdoor advertising that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago, and there are more kinds of Out Of Home Media (OOHM) obtainable now than ever before. In the contemporary commercial landscape, creative marketing experts are only really limited by budget, imagination, and their awareness of the tools which are available to them.

Understanding the numerous channels which can be used, their tenacities, and the contexts in which they are most effectual is crucial to guaranteeing the success of an OOHM campaign. With both old-fashioned and innovative kinds of outdoor advertising obtainable, making the right choice as a business requires some insider knowledge. Following are some of the most valuable outdoor advertising options available to you:

Billboard advertising

Billboard marketing is one of the most tangible mediums synonymous with OOHM. These large posters have been in use since the early 19th century, and to date have remained one of the most predominant forms of outdoor marketing ever since.

While the resources used to construct and print these adverts have changed and grown, the basic concept of a primarily printed advertisement, positioned conspicuously in the public eye, is a cornerstone of the OOHM marketplace.

Billboards offer salespersons and advertisers a wide degree of tractability in their campaign and are offered in all types of sizes, and in all types of places. Billboards are often positioned along roadsides (on bridges or independent stands) and in immediacy to areas of high footfall, such as shopping centers, stadiums, and city centers.

Point of sale advertising

While certain kinds of outdoor marketing are intended to attract the attention of a wide range of consumers, point of sale advertising (also recognized as ‘POS’ or ‘POP’ – the point of purchase) is a little more specific. This kind of advertising comprises of an advert or display positioned in immediacy to a ‘point of sale’ for example the checkout of a superstore, or near the logjam in a clothes store, with the intention of promoting a product to a customer right as they are about to make a purchase.

Retail advertising

Another prevalent and productive form of OOHM, retail advertising takes place specifically in or around retail environments, for example, stores and shopping centers. In the latest years, improvements in printing technology have extended the options that are accessible to marketers and advertisers, from printed merely adverts to more outstanding displays that leave a long-lasting impression.

Retail advertising often endorses businesses in juxtaposition to the environment in which the adverts are situated, and entices clients to visit their premises. Retail environments for instance malls also provide sufficient space for large-scale displays by well-known brands, with more intricate advertisements now a common sight.

Vehicle advertising

Although static adverts such as billboards can be an operational way to make the most of on an area of high traffic, the number of people reached is limited to that specific location. Vehicle advertising avoids this, and as an alternative presents an on the go advertising in the form of a printed graphic either placed on the side of the car in question or as a vinyl wrap covering on its body.

This is a simple and popular kind of outdoor advertising due to the increased exposure it offers. The vehicle in question is always on the move, and so the advert can reach people in a much wider catchment area.

This increases brand awareness on a larger scale and can provide a valued source of exposure to national businesses, or those with numerous locations. Car advertising can also be an effective means of strengthening the presence of a company in given areas if a fleet of cars with the same branding is seen frequently. 

While there are different kinds of outdoor advertising, we hope this helps helps you understand each other a little better.