Vinyl Flooring vs Carpet Which is Best

Vinyl flooring vs. carpet, which is best, is a question that may be on the minds of those renovating or perhaps moving into a new house or apartment.  When looking at the various floor coverings, there are some things to consider about vinyl flooring vs. carpet such as cost, durability, how much traffic might be in the room where you are installing the flooring and even how easy each may be to clean.

The question of vinyl flooring vs. carpet, which is best might be answered right off by the cost of the floor covering.  Of course this can vary quite a bit depending on the size of the floor that is in question.  The type of carpet that you will install may be also a deciding factor because area rugs generally cost less than wall-to-wall carpets.  Vinyl flooring vs. carpet cost can be determined by measurements and then doing some homework about the options available in your price range.

Price Range
Some vinyl flooring can be purchased for as little as one or two dollars per square foot and can go up as high as ten dollars for very high grade vinyl flooring.  Carpet can run anywhere from two dollars a square yard to about a hundred dollars depending on the quality and brand that is purchased.  Often, a carpet will also need a pad underneath it, as well.  This can raise the cost of the carpet installation because it can run up to thirty or forty dollars or more for padding. If you choose to have the floor installed, then the vinyl flooring vs. carpet installation cost is also something to compare before making your final choice.  The vinyl flooring vs. carpet cost can narrow your choices down considerably.  Then, the vinyl flooring vs. carpet installation cost can be the real deciding factor of which floor that you ultimately choose.

Durability and Traffic
If the room is one that has a great deal of traffic, such as one like a living room, then choosing a durable floor covering can be a good choice.  Vinyl flooring can be soft and can get scratched.  It may look a bit worn sooner than its carpet counterpart.  Choosing carpet that is rated for high traffic may also be a wise choice.

When considering cleaning time and possible costs, the vinyl flooring vs. carpet comparison might come down to a personal preference. Washing and sweeping a vinyl floor can take only minutes, if kept up and a carpet can be vacuumed in a short time, as well.  As far as stain cleaning, the vinyl floor may be easy to wipe up with a stain where a carpet would need to be blotted more.  Also, cleaning a carpet might mean renting or purchasing a steam-cleaner where a mop and a bucket can take care of the vinyl floor.

Another consideration may be the decor in the room where you'll be adding the flooring.  A carpet or a floor can tie into the colors in a room or can blend in and provide the neutral look.  Choosing a busy pattern or a plain look is also a fun thing to do.  The floor can really make a difference in how a room is pulled together.

Vinyl Flooring vs. Carpet: which is best, is a question that has many aspects to consider before really getting a good answer.  Some of the reasons to choose one over the other is the cost involved in the initial installation and then there is the cleaning and upkeep to consider, as well.  Your final choice can make your room very stylish.

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