Hardwood Floor Repair A Do-It-Yourself Project that Can Be Done on a Weekend

Hardwood floor repair is needed when the floor is scratched, cupped in places or has more gaps in between the slats.  Hardwood floor repair for scratches can generally be repaired in just a few steps.  For some deeper scratches, getting a hardwood floor repair kit could be the answer.  These kits come with an epoxy that can fill and smooth the scratches, stain markers that can help to cover the scratches and putty for stubborn or deeper gouges.<

Doing a repair job on your own can be a rewarding experience, but making sure that you know the method for doing the repair, are comfortable with the tools and supplies needed and can have the time to do the job well is critical to the success.  Doing a bit of homework about how to purchase, store and clean up products from a repair is a good idea in addition to familiarizing yourself with the procedure for doing the project.  That way you can plan for what you need in advance and there are fewer surprises.

Hardwood floor repair can be done with some simple equipment and by checking some do-it-yourself websites or repair books.  Armed with steel wool, fine sandpaper, filler, polyurethane or varnish and a paint roller you can repair an area of the floor.  Make sure to match the varnish with the current floor because the area that you repair should blend in when the repair is finished.  Harwood floor repair for scratches can be a good weekend project and can make a big difference in how nice your floor looks with just a few touch ups.  Using a hardwood floor repair kit might be an answer if you are a person who likes to follow the steps in a diagram or in an instruction booklet.  A kit usually comes with well-labeled products and step-by-step instructions that, if followed, can make the repair an easy process.

If the do-it-yourself repair is not what you want to do or feel that you can do well, then hiring a handyman or contractor to do the job might be an option.  Many times, the small repairs may not be worth it for the repair person to do, so be prepared to either do a more extensive job or to pay a bit more for the work.  Checking with SmartGuy.com is an advisable move before hiring any contractor because you want to get the best person to do your work.  If you have other small repairs to be done in the house, then maybe asking for a price for all the smaller jobs might make it a better deal for you. 

Some scratches from dragged furniture or other heavy items could cover a larger area. Possibly renting a sander from the hardware store to re-do the whole floor could be a good bet if the scratches seem to be all over the place.  This can give new life to the floor and get rid of the scratches, too.  The whole floor sanding and refinishing will take longer to accomplish than just the spot repairs that a kit can assist with.

Hardwood floor repair can be a great home improvement project for someone who enjoys tackling a repair task on a weekend.  Using a kit with all the equipment contained inside can make the project easy to do, but there are other ways to fix scratches in a hardwood floor.  Using steel wool or sandpaper to sand down the area and then adding a filler to build up the scratches and finishing with a varnish or polyurethane coat can produce great looking floors.

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