Best Ways to Clean Hardwood Floors

Some of the best ways to clean hardwood floors are with everyday household cleaners that most people will have in their cabinets and cupboards.  Steam cleaning hardwood floors may also be an option, but there are those that still stick to just a damp mop and plain water as the best natural way to clean hardwood floors. 

One tip to keep in mind, regardless of the method that you choose to keep the floors clean, is that if there are worn spots where the finish might be a bit thin or all worn away, using any liquid can penetrate the wood and cause it to become warped, stained or just look dingy.  Many people want to clean hardwood floors without sanding because it becomes a bigger job when sanding and touching up the finish is involved.  If the floor becomes damaged by the water or cleaner that you use routinely on the floor, then you may be left with the only option as sanding and refinishing.  As a rule though, you should be able to clean hardwood floors without sanding.  Using a piece of steel wool can help spot "sand" an area with a stubborn stain, but it is really the most effective in a small area. 

Murphy's Oil Soap has long been a cleaner that many rely on as one of the best ways to clean hardwood floors. It can do a nice job and can leave the wood looking fresh and clean, but if there is a part that is more worn or has no finish, even good old Murphy's Oil Soap may not be sufficient to bring the floor back to life. 

Steam cleaning hardwood floors, according to some, can be the best natural way to clean hardwood floors because that method doesn't require any chemicals.  Steam is also a natural disinfectant and that is important, as well. Those may use a damp mop for everyday cleaning and then steam clean once a month or so.  The danger with using a steam cleaning method very often is that the steam can penetrate the floors and warp the floors or wear off the finish over time.

Another way that some clean their hardwood floors is to use a solution of fifty-fifty vinegar and water.  This is a bit acidic, but it can wipe out some of the more common stains as it cleans in a natural way.  People who have small children on their hardwood floors are eager to find a chemical free way to keep their floors looking shiny and new.

If you install a new hardwood floor, asking about the best way to care for it from the retailer or the contractor can be a great way to begin caring for your floor in the best way for that type of wood and finish that is on it. 

Some of the best ways to clean hardwood floors are those that require little besides a mop and a bucket.  Whether you opt to use a store-bought cleaner like Murphy's Oil Soap, or use a damp mop soaked only with water, there are several ways to make the floors stay in good shape.  Steam cleaning is a good way to make a floor more sanitized every once and a while or on a monthly basis.  Keeping a hardwood floor clean is a matter of simple maintenance because as a rule, the wood floors require little upkeep.  If you are adverse to using chemicals to clean your floors, then using a damp mop or a simple soap to scrub the trouble spots may be the best method for you.

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