Laminate Flooring Versus Hardwood Flooring - Which One Is Better

The debate of laminate vs hardwood flooring is one has continued to rage over the last 10 years, with no clear winner in sight. Wood flooring is highly desirable in most homes, but with modern improvements to laminate flooring, it has maintained its position as a viable contender. Thus, the debate over laminate versus hardwood continues on. Ultimately, the decision of laminate or hardwood is going to be up to you, but in this article, we're going to take a look at the pros and cons of each one.

What you want and what your wallet may be able to actually afford are going to be two different things. To determine whether laminate or hardwood is the better fit for you, you are going to need to consider the cost of each.

In this category of the laminate versus hardwood debate, laminate is the clear winner. This type of flooring is generally constructed from composite wood that is highly compressed at very hot temperatures. The image of the desired flooring is then pressed over the laminate to create the desired look. For this reason, it is cheaper. On average, installing laminate flooring is going to cost 50% less than installing hardwood floors.

By contrast, hardwood flooring is made from actual trees. The level of rarity of the wood is going to determine its overall price, but hardwood flooring is considerably more expensive to purchase and install.

This is one category of the laminate vs hardwood debate where the two options are fairly equal to one another. Because laminate is made from pressed, composite wood, it tends to be more resistant to scratches, moisture damage, and normal wear and tear, more so than hardwood flooring. It is also much easier to clean. However, when choosing laminate or hardwood, you must bear in mind that laminate is not as visually appealing to look at.

If you choose a laminate of low quality, then it is not going to look as nice as hardwood floors, despite the fact that it is easier to clean. Hardwood flooring does have its cons as well. Certain types of wood can be prone to scratching, and it will show wear and tear, particularly in highly trafficked areas of the home. However, in its favor is the fact that hardwood flooring is considered the genuine item. It is very aesthetically pleasing, and depending upon which type of wood is used, it can add a considerable amount of value to your home.

in terms of maintenance and repair, this is one category where hardwood flooring comes out ahead in the laminate versus hardwood debate. It is important to be aware that flooring is one area of your home that will need to be repaired at one point or another.

Laminate flooring receives a poor score in this category, because it cannot be easily repaired. Even if you buy a type of laminate that has individual pieces, while you may be able to replace an individual piece, due to aging, wear and tear, and sunlight, the new piece will not exactly match the old ones.

On the other hand, hardwood flooring can easily be refinished and sanded, at a minimal cost, to reduce the visibility of imperfections. Furthermore, most types of hardwood are fairly durable. The fact that hardwood flooring will last for many years gives it an edge over laminate.

When deciding on an answer in the laminate vs hardwood debate, weigh the pros and cons carefully. Be realistic about your lifestyle and what it is you expect from your flooring. Bearing these factors in mind will allow you to choose the type of flooring that improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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