How to Pick the Best Bathroom Flooring

Want to know How to pick the best bathroom flooring? Although your bathroom maybe the smallest space in your house or a luxury abode, it is certainly not the least important. You may take a quick shower there or indulge in a long warm bath to relax after a long day, but it is important that it is pleasant, appealing, and well designed. It should have an aura, look, and style that exhibit your personality. Whether your bathroom is a dull drab area or a classy mix of colors, one of the most important aspects is the kind of flooring that you choose.

The very first requirement is to check your budget. Knowing how much you are willing to spend on your bathroom is the first step when it comes to picking the flooring. Fortunately, a large number of options are available for bathroom floorings and you can give your bathroom a classy look even with a minimal budget. All you need is creativity and imagination. Choose accessories according to the installed flooring. Having a vibrant color theme works well to make the space look bright and beautiful.

Secondly, always keep in mind the level of moisture in your bathroom area. Moisture may become the greatest source of trouble in your bathroom if not treated properly. Design the flooring so that it offers no space for the water to accumulate. Standing water is the greatest potential danger for your bathrooms flooring, aside from being a hazard.

Some Good Choices

Using carpets or hardwood for your bathroom floor is usually not a very good idea as these materials do not go well with moisture; they are easily damaged by the water present in bathrooms. Laminated floors have emerged as a popular choice because of their waterproof quality, aesthetic appeal and low prices.

But for those who want that true authentic look, stones and tiles are often a better choice. Limestone, granite, marble all add class to the bathroom - though you must know that stone is cold and slippery. Getting the stone grouted, and installing heating systems are viable options. A stone floor otherwise, offers a royal look and adds finesse to the bathroom.

Tiles are available in such a wide range that often decision-making becomes difficult. You can mix-and-match colors, shapes and sizes to get a groovy look or create a pattern of elegance. Vinyl and ceramic tiles are two options; both are cheap and comfortable enough to be used in bathrooms.

Tips and Tricks

If you are bent upon getting a wooden look, go for that engineered wood stuff that takes care of the moisture problem. You can always mix-and-match to create interesting effects. For example, tile in the shower area and surrounding area, and the rest of the bathroom carpeted will look good and warm and take care of the problems concerned. It always helps to know your needs well and decide accordingly.

Take time to choose your bathroom flooring wisely, don't hurry it. It's something you can do once, that will provide years of enjoyment.

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